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Hi All,

I am Paulmack75 from Australia.  Here I am in my early 40's and I am sick and tired of turning to games as a way of coping and trying to enjoy life.  I want to quit because I am over wasting my valuable time on such unproductive matters.  I am also studying and in danger of failing due to wasting time playing instead of studying.  I want to set a good example for my 4 year old who is already spending too much time on his ipad.  

My main goal now I have quit is to pass my studies and also get a job, given that I did lose mine recently (not to do with gaming).

Good luck to all and if anyone wants help support give me a shout.



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Hey Paul! Sounds like we are at similar positions - I am in my mid 30s and need to give up gaming to try and spend more time with my study and family. If you find trouble forcing yourself to keep studying, Cam talks about "sitting with it" in the GameQuitters podcasts, as well as Getting Things Done podcast talks about minimising distractions while on your computer (using full screens, do not disturb modes, etc).

You got this :)

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