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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Does lsd help you quit gaming?


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We might be violating some kind of forum rule here, idk.

There have been many studies on things like pscilocybin and ayauascha causing permanent positive changes to personalities.

The former is mushrooms and the latter is long acting dmt combined with an maoi. These are typically called 'medicine' for the soul and something not done often or lightly.

I think what is valuable in these experiences is the relentless introspection. It's as if you are  in your minds eye, thrust into the world of your shadow and the subconscious archetypes. There are ways to progress that direction without such drastic measures through meditation, writing, introspection, dream analysis, psychoanalysis etc.

Some people have profound breakthroughs, some people are shattered and struggle to pull themselves together and get back to reality. It can be hazardous to boldly go where you don't really belong in one quick jump like that... and safer to walk there at a smooth peaceful pace, integrating along the way.

An ayauascha ceremony IS on my bucket list, but I want to integrate much more shadow before I do that.

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