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Hello guys,

I was recently starting to get these moments: I do something useful like learning, martial art, etc. and after that i have an 1 hour gap before i have something other planned to do. Sooo the big question here is what do you do in this kind of situations. Like I try to find a way to just chill, but i dont want to sleep or something. I dont want to read books just... chill :D. Also i can't meditate in thoese gaps because I made it a ritual for myself to meditate every morning after i wake up and in the evening before i go to sleep and i dont want to overdo it. Before i would just play some video game. Now i found myself youtubing but i dont want to spend so much time on my computer. What do you guys do to just relax. 

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I've gotten into podcasts myself. You can subscribe to podcasts in subjects you're interested in or want to learn more about. I listen to primarily history podcasts with some philosophy and foreign affairs. There's also spiritual, science, etc podcasts.  I've found it breaks up the monotony of long gaps that I just can't fill with reading. 

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