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  1. Yeah man that's right! I realize that it's litteraly like a drug. You feel awsome at first. Then you need more. And more. And more. And then you forget what real life is hahaha. That's why i stopped after 1 hour. I was just curious if i can handle it. And it seems i could :P. Well I'm curently going to a muay thai ( thailand box) which is one of the things that makes me feel very good. I was thinking about running and I'll see when I'm going to do it because I'm really busy these days. Even today I wanted to give it a try but it as the weather was awful I couldn't. But yeah will give it a try. I was also considrenig going to salsa class - my dancing skills so bad . Plus i heared it pumps up your mood, so will give it a try 100%. But still do you think I can feel that adrenaline rush from running? Yeah sure it feels good but does it feel that good, haha. That's what catched my curiosity by playing that game - doing something in real life that can boost your adrenaline as much as that. I know it's weird question but maaaaaaaan... cmon it's absurd how alive I felt! I was thinking that maybe cocain will have the same effect... haha just kidding . Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, so i've been away from all kind of games since 8.12.2015 so if my math is correct... yep 3 months. Well i craved to look some youtube videos from time to time but that's all. So what happend today: I was at home really bored, really didn't felt like going outside as it was heavy raining. As i was listening to music on youtube i got that "recommended for you video" about devil may cry- one of my all time fav games. So i clicked to watch at the video and i started watching another and another and i got really into it. I started to remember when i was playing the game before and at the end I was thinking about giving it a try and play the game for a little bit. What happens next is not really a relapse but i just want to make an observation here. I wanted to see if I'm as addicted as before to video games so I started my old PS2 and started playing DMC 3. AND MY MIND GOT BLOWN AWAY. I got such adrenalin rush from 1 hour of playing. My energy level was so high i could barley stand at one place haha. When i started talking to someone I dominated the conversation, telling jokes, etc. And that's the reason why I'm posting this. During thoese 3 months of not playing ANY video games I never felt so alive. I don't say I didn't had a good times: hiking, training martial art, clubing, meeting with alot of friends and alot of other great stuff. Things are going very well for me. And yeah it's not a relapse I'm not going to turn to that addicted maniac who plays video games all day long. WHAT CAN I DO IN REAL LIFE, TO FEEL SO ALIVE? Like is there any way you can get so close to that feeling? It felt amazing guys!!! Like really alive. And yeah I know how ironic it sounds to get that from a video game... but it's a fact. And let me little talk about the difference I saw for thoese 3 months. I realised that these games NUMBS you from enjoying real life. Like I read about that factor but it's another thing to experience it. Slowly I can find joy in things that before were very annoying for me. That's the upside. The downside is that my energy levels are very low. I guess that before I didn't had that problem as I got hyped from video games (which was for a short amount of time). And today I was again very chill and suddenly BAAAAM - ENERGY. So i ask again - WHAT CAN I DO IN REAL LIFE, TO FEEL SO ALIVE? Cheers!
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    Hello guys, I was recently starting to get these moments: I do something useful like learning, martial art, etc. and after that i have an 1 hour gap before i have something other planned to do. Sooo the big question here is what do you do in this kind of situations. Like I try to find a way to just chill, but i dont want to sleep or something. I dont want to read books just... chill :D. Also i can't meditate in thoese gaps because I made it a ritual for myself to meditate every morning after i wake up and in the evening before i go to sleep and i dont want to overdo it. Before i would just play some video game. Now i found myself youtubing but i dont want to spend so much time on my computer. What do you guys do to just relax.
  4. Hello friends, I've had problem with my addiction to video games for a long time. Now im 20 years old and as I look at the past I feel like i wasted alot of time on playing World of Warcraft and Dota 2. I spent so much money and time on thoese games that I feel sick. I'm really trying to beat that addiction over and over but there is one major problem for me that keeps sabotaging me- and that's the fact that I dont know what to do with so much free time. It's like I'm working and studying financee at once and I tought it will be a good idea to see what stuff needs to be done and how much free time i will have. After i saw the list i was shocked. There are days where i have 14 hours of free time!!! And i was like wow(most of thoese hours before were spent on video games...) And for me that's the biggest enemy. I hope that I'll find the awnsers I seek in the Respawn programm and take massive actions to beat down my problems with video games. Also Cam, i want to thank you so much that you created that product. It's just what i needed! Little report: I'm currently on a 4 weeks no video games streak but sometimes i struggle. Like when I open youtube I have alot of suggestions to look at some Dota 2 gameplays and sometimes i start watching them. At some point i get aware that i waste my time and stop them but... I think i spend so much time with this game that I feel the need to get back to it. I hope that with Respawn I would be able to strive to other things and forget about video games. Best regards!!!!!! Nikola
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