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Game Quitters Deviant Art Group

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Hi guys

Me and @destoroyah have taken to deviant art as a means of sharing our content, keeping track of our progress and building a virtual portfolio. He has made a group so we can all get together and help each other improve. We would be really happy if any of you artists out there on the site joined up.

Here is the group

@Cam Adair If you are reading this please pin this post so it wont disappear and other members can find it.

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Yea, we'd be happy to see some more people there. Still just starting out - expect nothing much, but if something starts moving it might stimulate our progress!

Anyone is welcome, all skill levels and all forms of art. We'll try to give some sincere feedback where we can, to help improve and manifest your style - without being assholes.


We're also planning to create Game-Quitters related art, to help the website layout, merch and stuff like that.


Just post your name here, and we'll send you an invite! Or apply directly (I'm not always on top there though).

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