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Why I'm sick of gaming


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Hello, everyone.  As this is my first time on such a community, I'd prefer to keep my information anonymous, so Mr.B seems suitable enough as a "pen name" of sorts.

But back to the question at hand.  Why am I sick of gaming?  To keep things simple, I'm downright bored and uninspired in life.  I've played a countless numbers of FPS

and RTS games, always trying to find something to entertain me, yet I've never truly felt satisfied with the number of hours wasted on each game in the process.  If I'm

not playing video games, you can usually find me browsing the internet in search of immediate gratification.  I have so many other aspirations in life, but it's not easy to

tend to them when you don't understand yourself as much as you do BattleTech strategies.  No matter how many resolutions or promises I've made to myself to become

"self-disciplined", it usually ends with me on the couch promising to do the exact same thing tomorrow. 


I'm sick of this cycle, and I'm sick of using games as an escape from my responsibilities.

Since nothing else has really seemed to work, I've decided to try something different, and swear off video games (and mindless browsing) for 3 months.  Hopefully, I'll be

able to actually uphold my end of the bargain, but until these 3 months are over, I'll do my best to focus on my other goals, and potentially overwhelm myself in the process.

Here's to the future, everyone!


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If you truly embody that you are sick of gaming, quitting will be a piece of cake. It's one of the ultimate attitudes to quit shit, brutal!

Dig the avatar too... BattleTech, hm, you into tabletop? Could be a good alternative to videogames.


Looking forward to see what it is you do in life... safe voyage and all.

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