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Hello, my name is Peter, I´m 22 years old. I am completing 1st mission so here we go.

Currently I´m feeling little exhausted, and late because I´m in rush for exams. Exam period ends in 2 weeks and I done none, but also great because I finally forced myself to study, mainly thanks to participating in NoFap. I want to move away from games because I´m want to interact with real people. I was satisfied just with gaming for so long, but then when I joined NoFap community about a year ago, I was finally able to change my life which was filled with rubbish. I tried to stop PMO, weed, alcohol....

After joining, one day I have found myself in this place. I was with 5 of my friends in one apartment, which was currently under reconstruction. I was very hard stoned (I´m very sensitive to weed, and this time it was terrible trip) in that construction atmosphere, at 12 PM, with people which seemed rude (they had great fun of my state because I was unable to speak), in suicidal mood far from home and even sounds of traffic sounded totally terrible.

That was the breaking point for me, I was done with all that crap. From today´s perspective it was my best experience on drugs. I´m clean for almost 1 year straight, even from beer. Next few months I still wasn´t totally ok, but ultimately I began getting my life to be great again. From that day I have done almost 6 months without games before to about the middle of the summer but still wasting lot of my time on the internet. And then few weeks before these Christmas, I tried one of my mmorpg games from the past. Only one month later I was playing 12 hours each day. Again it was consuming all my time and thoughts and I was getting back to my old life, closed at home all day long. Because I underwent it before, I decided to stop.

But again I was wasting time on the internet. Yesterday I bumped into /r/gamequitters and immediately decided to join. I want change in my life because I have clear vision of what I want to accomplish in my life, and there are awaiting loads of work to get there. I want to finish my university, not just finish but to be the best of the year. I also have plans for many upcoming years after (I won´t bother you with that), but first I need to be done with all this crap.


I do think people now perceive me as lazy, naive idiot. Slightly retarded.

I would like to be perceived like clever guy with all his shit done, guy with perfect life. Be genuinely happy.

At first I would like to change my low productivity, get rid of laziness and to rise my confidence.


I want to see out year 2100 so there is awaiting at least 30,588 days.

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