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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi from Nikola


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Hello friends,

I've had problem with my addiction to video games for a long time. Now im 20 years old and as I look at the past I feel like i wasted alot of time on playing World of Warcraft and Dota 2. I spent so much money and time on thoese games that I feel sick. I'm really trying to beat that addiction over and over but there is one major problem for me that keeps sabotaging me- and that's the fact that I dont know what to do with so much free time. It's like I'm working and studying financee at once and I tought it will be a good idea to see what stuff needs to be done and how much free time i will have. After i saw the list i was shocked. There are days where i have 14 hours of free time!!! And i was like wow(most of thoese hours before were spent on video games...) And for me that's the biggest enemy. I hope that I'll find the awnsers I seek in the Respawn programm and take massive actions to beat down my problems with video games. Also Cam, i want to thank you so much that you created that product. It's just what i needed!

Little report: I'm currently on a 4 weeks no video games streak but sometimes i struggle. Like when I open youtube I have alot of suggestions to look at some Dota 2 gameplays and sometimes i start watching them. At some point i get aware that i waste my time and stop them but... I think i spend so much time with this game that I feel the need to get back to it. I hope that with Respawn I would be able to strive to other things and forget about video games.

Best regards!!!!!!


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I would heartily recommend reading, this is a great activity and it fulfils some of the needs gaming provided you with, such as following a great story. I am a Tolkien fan so I cannot plug him enough ;) and from the names of the games you mention I can guess that you may enjoy fantasy literature. I have also recently started crocheting, it is a bit like my gaming experience ( at the beginning it is really hard and I had to stop every time I made a little loop for a chain just like I stopped my character in a game when I wanted to change direction she was going towards), and I have read it is quite relaxing (maybe not when you are a beginner, when it is quite infuriating not to be able to do a simple crocheting thing), and when it is learned well, you can make really beautiful things :) I associate the crocheting experience with gaming since just like in the case of gaming, whenever I failed in doing something, I tried again until I was successful, and it is the same with crocheting.

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Hey Nikola! Thanks for joining us here and purchasing Respawn!

As you'll learn in Respawn, understanding the amount of free time you have is crucial in order to be more intentional with how you fill it. If you're not aware of something how can you change it?

Follow the steps and use 60+ New Hobby Ideas to find some new hobbies. Remember not to focus too much on "passion" yet. Passion will come in time.

For YouTube, if you use Chrome you can check out the addon "youtube distraction free.

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