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I'm 20 years old and I have been addicted to porn and video gaea that I access on my phone.

It started when I was in 8th grade with me getting the ipod touch. since then I was excited about playing for fun.

it was not really a pproblem for me because my parents didn't check on me so my addiction could escalate very much until just 2 years ago.

I have been in the USA for an exchange year  and there I had no wifi so it sucked for me. During the year I noticed a lot things that I'm more addicted to video games than any other addiction I have ever had.

I had an awesome time until the year ended and I had to go back. I tried to quit porn and got to 49 days but I during that time I have played a lot of games. I haven't really thought that the bonds that a game can put around me are strong enough to keep me playing over 12 hours. I want to quit gaming because I felt that having withdrawal symptoms is a lot healthier than being super tired in school. This year is an important year for my future because I will graduate at my high school and this requires a lot of studying.

I want to quitbecause I wanna feel good and proud about myself. I wanna go out there not thinking about how many stages I can advance in any game.

I have therefore deleted my 3 google play accounts.



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Welcome to the forums! Good luck on your journey! Make sure you set new goals and record your progress in your journal! :) 

I want to finish my studies while doing that I make several activities like playing guitar and doing some push ups. I like to do learn a new language.

My goal is to do 30 push ups and learning a new language.

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