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Day 2


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So on day two I got a lot done. I went out to eat with one of my friends, and we ended up shopping for a party that is coming up. Later I started to build one of my scale models, and the progress is going well. I did not think about playing games at all today, and I had a great time. 

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Good job!

What kind of scale models do you make?

A suggestion: It's really handy if you keep your journal in one big topic. That way everyone can read up on your journal easily and you can keep track of it yourself too. You can just make a comment on your own topic. But do what makes you happy.

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I usually work on 1/35 model tanks, and some times figures. Ships have just too many small parts for me. 


Sounds like you can put in a lot of time and dedication in this!

I can it took me 2 days so far just to build have of the model I am working on currently


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