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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Black Friday Game Deals


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Hi Guys I'm new to the forum I have quit gaming then gone back then quit a little went back again quit for almost 6 months went back again during the summer of sophomore year and whent on to junior year in high school. Finally quit again Senior year. Then went back during my summer break of senior year and started freshman college with an insane gaming addiction I would play the entire day up to 1, 2 at times almost 3 maybe A.M in the middle of night. I knew this was bad. Later on while I was trying to fix my problems I found CAM and he has given awesome advice I have been off gaming since October 3rd or 4th (not sure its one of those for sure I'm assuming the bigger number) so that's 54 days no gaming. I want to be free from gaming for the rest of my life.


The issue I have guys is the black Friday sales and all the video game marketing its like there is always something better which is kind of tempting I remember going to target and passing by the video game isle Its just I miss the feeling of getting a good deal on games and buying video game stuff How do you guys deal with the whole issue of there is always something new and better.

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