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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Do I even want to be here?


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Writer of professow.com

Tried a previous forum call Good Looking Loser to improve my life, but failed miserably due to not knowing my existence.

The purpose is storytelling. 

Except that means I have to work on being financially independent. 

Then I can really focus on storytelling.

Looking into side businesses (Sports Betting, Video game creations, freelance writing etc)

I said SIDE business.

Ditching porn. Now.

It's been a struggle.

Supposed to be taking 100mg Luvox but I forget. 

Diagnosed this year.

Video game addictions? Yeah. I had mobile gaming problems, wasted $200-1000 on P2P games.

Until somebody said the phrase.

"Play video games to understand the marketing purposes of the game."

Something clicked.

And now I rarely play.

If I do it's to help game devs on what they can be better.

So, this is me.

Wanting to know if I'll be a good fit.

If not, thanks for your time.

All the best.


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