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  1. Hey guys. It's not a great fit. I'm gonna grind away from the internet. Working on my own thing. Thanks for having me, albeit it's a short time.
  2. Hello GQ! I was just wondering if there was a forum section about finding ways to working online. Goal is to find work online so I'm financially free to do other great activities. The best resource I've found is DareandConquer.com. It talks about a man freelancing at Fiverr.com Let me know if there are any other resources. All the best, Aaron.
  3. Aaron Writer of professow.com Tried a previous forum call Good Looking Loser to improve my life, but failed miserably due to not knowing my existence. The purpose is storytelling. Except that means I have to work on being financially independent. Then I can really focus on storytelling. Looking into side businesses (Sports Betting, Video game creations, freelance writing etc) I said SIDE business. Ditching porn. Now. It's been a struggle. Supposed to be taking 100mg Luvox but I forget. Diagnosed this year. Video game addictions? Yeah. I had mobile gaming problems, wasted $200-1000 on P2P games. Until somebody said the phrase. "Play video games to understand the marketing purposes of the game." Something clicked. And now I rarely play. If I do it's to help game devs on what they can be better. So, this is me. Wanting to know if I'll be a good fit. If not, thanks for your time. All the best. Aaron.
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