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Fun coding project

Cam Adair

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Great ideas @phpsmith. My vision for the next iteration of Game Quitters (GQ) is for it to be a fully integrated website, so instead of the websites (gamequitters.com) being separate from the forum, they would both be one and the same. That way your profile also can include anything else like location being tied to a map on the homepage, and/or so forth. The vision is for GQ to be a mobile app as well, and have the app and website (webapp) be seamless.

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Sounds pretty cool @Cam Adair :) I'm not sure what sort of stages you are looking at, if you would be looking to integrate the two systems before creating the app and what ideas you had the app would have, but for a forum I run (mind you, not nearly as active as this one) I've tried this solution called "Tapatalk". There are varying degrees of service they offer, I tried the free version and basically what it does is it makes your forum acessible through an app. There are higher level features such as a "Branded iOS & Android App" that they offer for a monthly charge, that might be something to check out.

When I integrated it onto my phpbb forum it was incredibly easy, just a few scripts and you're off running. I eventually took it off the site though because of a few things: 1) I like being a little more in control of my software, that's a personal preference and 2) I felt it could annoy people because when you visited the site, it would always broadcast "Download the App!". Some people don't like downloading apps for privacy issues. Also the free "App" you download is Tapatalk, which is just a big list of all the forums using Tapatalk instead of your own, so it could be a little confusing to users as it wasn't specific to my forum.

I haven't touched it in at least a year, so I'm sure they have had great improvements. Here is the website.

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