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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Another story of first world problems


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Don't let the title throw you off, I'm not trying to make something that has had a hugely negative impact on my own, and everyone here's life seem less significant. As Viktor E. Frankl (had to double check the spelling there) "suffering no matter how great or small will fill a man up like the smell of gas fills a room" or something like that (couldn't be assed to double check that one but check out his book "Man's search for meaning"). Anyway like most of you could probably already guess, I was hooked. I had been playing video games for as long as I can remember but things really started to get out of hand when I was 14, in high school and started playing World of Warcraft for the first time. A pretty common story I'm sure but it's mine as well none the less. I decided to quit gaming for good a little less than a year ago, and although I have been pretty good I still have my moments where I feel like I'm laying face down in the mud, and it feels it takes every inch of willpower to pull myself back to my feet. From when I first stared gaming all the way up until I was about 22 I would say I averaged about 4-5 hours a day. Sure I was still attending school but I don't think I handed in a single piece of homework and the only time I did assignments was when I was threatened with the possibility of failing a year. So I managed in the end to graduate high school at the age of 18 following a formula that aloud me to game as much as possible. After graduating I was given a job as a plumber for no other reason than it was my step dad's company, which is probably also the reason I wasn't fired and able to continue the same formula that had gotten me through high school. Wake up, go to work, get home, game, sleep, repeat.

Anyway I guess you all get the idea now and this has dragged on long enough.

Hi my names Chris and I'm a gaming addict in recovery.


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Welcome, Chris.

Problems evolve together with the society. Brazilian society, which 30 years ago had to deal with misery and famine now have to deal with obesity. Who would have thought?

I'm sure you will find the support you need to get through this here at the community. Best luck! 

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