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Hello Guys


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My name is Diogo(22 years old) and starting today i'm trying to totally give up gaming.

I did it on PC with CSGO, Hearthstone and Paladins about 6 to 7 hours per day from these three games i get frustrated when i lose and when i win it just doesn't compensate to me anymore. I'm in college and it is hindering my studies and other things like keep going to the gym and reading.

I just feel like i have so many interests from finance to eastern religions to philosophy , and gaming is just a meaningless activity that wastes too much time that should be better invested. I have given up PMO 2 years ago and to conquer that addiction(did it almost every day)  felt very good, now i'm determined to beat this gaming problem.

Thank you for this forum and let's keep mindful to not giving in to our minds desire.

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Good luck Diogo, I advice you to read other journals as they will really help you and definitely create your own journal. It helped me a lot! You become accountable to a group of other people, and you have better insights in what you are doing yourself because you are forced to think about your day.

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