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what do you do outside?

Mostly running, walking, reading or sitting on a bench with a bottle of soda in my hand so i don't look suspicious to others haha

I enjoy the most going outside during the evening; randomly walking. Coming back to my hometown next week ( going to work again), meaning that i will no longer have such a flexible program. :(

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I'll remember to take a bottle of soda with me when I'm out for a day in the park :)

Jokes aside, I gotta go out more often. I spend too much time in front of the computer. Even if its productive time, sometimes it becomes counter-productive.

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Days 14, 15

- I altmost reinstalled Diablo 2, but thinking of this forum, of my efforts and this journal, made me delete it just in time! The cravings started while i was visiting one of my friends, who is a hardcore gamer.

- sport and meditation.

- reading and writting.

- 2-3 hours outside.

- my sleep patterns are normal; i go to sleep at 10:30 pm, i wake up at 7 AM

This is all for days 14 and 15

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