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So guys after relapsing twice I've finally HIT 90DAYS. It feels great. I remember myself at the start of this summer , thinking that it's going to be an impossible/scary  task to quit gaming. It wasn't scary, but it wasn't an easy task. Fear that I'll loose all of my gamer friend have held me from quitting for almost a year. If I  only knew that when quitting, you stop spending time with them automatically. I could have saved a whole year, I wish I had a time machine.

To be honest, I was planning to start playing in moderation ( a smart ass way to start playing again)  when I'll finish the 90day detox. But a month ago it dawned on me that I can't, because if I go back to gaming, my life/future will be ruined for sure. Would be sad to ruin everything when things are getting better.

I'm really proud of myself,  LIKE REALLY. If I ever feel that I've never achieved  anything I'll always look back to this day. I'll have to celebrate  this day.

I'll continue posting here regularly. So yes, Procrastinator Remigijus ain't leaving the forum , and his journey have just begun.

Fun fact last night I had a dream about a game wich I've played a while ago. I actually thought that I've relapsed and I was so pissed








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