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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I did it, so can you

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I'm a 35 year old male, I would say I haven't played in 6 years, so, yes, I completely quit around age 29.

While my life isn't perfect, I can say without a doubt I hardly miss video games.  Yes, video games are awesome.  But, trust me.  The only people video games benefit are those that make them.  They make millions and have jobs, and all you have in return is wasted time in an alternate world that has absolutely no relation to the real world.

Take a deep breath.  Video games aren't real.  Repeat it, write it as often as you need to.  They aren't real.  They are made up, they are designed by people to make money.  That's it.  They are entertainment.  Would you watch a movie over and over 50 times and consider yourself living life?  It's the same thing with video games.  All video games do is improve your eye hand coordination a bit when playing them.  They don't improve any real world skill.  And unless you are in the industry, they won't make you any money at all.  Instead, they bankrupt you as you keep buying them, and keep buying all of the latest gaming systems and computers.


Not worth it, guys.

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Respectfully, I have to disagree with this. There is a growing population of individuals who are making money playing video games for others enjoyment. Video/streaming sites like Youtube and Twitch are filled with them, and those who have been around the most and work hard at it are getting paid enough to even quit their jobs and go full time. And I'm not even talking about pro-gaming, that's another scene.

I agree with you in saying that video games really only exist as a form of entertainment, and that there is a disconnect in what you gain in-game versus what you gain in the world (other than community, since virtual communities certainly exist and can extend to the world via conventions, meetups, etc.). And it's important for every person to figure out and understand their values and what they really want out of life for themselves. But it's simply not true to say that gaming only benefits the creators and can't make you any money, the reverse is certainly possible.

Again, doesn't mean you should, but you can. Normally I keep my opinions to myself on internet forums since it's mostly unproductive, but I think people deserve to know all of their options here.

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It's true that people nowadays can make money by entertaining others via stream- or videoplatforms but ...

Even Entertainers or Pro-player sit in front of their games and spend hours and hours editing, analysing, preparing and and and.... They don't just jump from game to game, from match to match just trying to suffocate the time that would otherwise be filled with boredom or tasks that they don't like to do as much as gaming. While they surely spend a lot of time gaming they also spend a lot of time for improving their Quality(by analysing, preparing etc.), while most people that are here suffered or still suffer from the amount of time they lose with gaming, the Quantity.

If you have a good Idea or feel like it is something for you, sure, feel free to try it but making a break and getting a clear view is almost essential for someone if he wants to be successful and not just waste his time.

But after all, we are talking here about a serious addiction, it changes the way your brain works and therefore the way you behave and that is something terrifying. So everyone should, at least once, do a 90-day Detox just to get a better view of himself and the whole thing he is thinking and planning about. (I mean it's not like your skills are going to vanish anyway just because you stopped for 90-days.)

Also keep in mind that if you plan to stream or something similar that even after you did the Detox (or during) you can still seriously Relapse and fall for the Quantity instead of improving the Quality and all the time and effort you put in it would be wasted, more or less. Even if you would try to do it different this time, once you got addicted to something you can get addicted to it again, so this is a dangerous game(got it? 'cause it's all about games?haha...... sry). And you would need to go through it all again to get to point zero.


Nevertheless, you are right saying that his statement isn't completly true, just wanted to point out this all a little bit more, but I guess as long as Iquitlongago doesn't fall back for bad habits he got this going for him. Also hi and thanks for coming here to motivate others : )


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Also wanting to jump on the back of tirEdOrange, I also want to reiterate how this belief in other avenues of making gaming more functional or productive in your life can be a trap. I did this, it became an excuse, a way to justify spending all my time gaming, because now I pretended it was for the purpose of refining myself to stream games. I started recording the games that I played telling myself that I was on the up, that this would make it different, but it was pretty easy to see how hollow this reasoning was. I was just looking to avoid having to focus on my state of life, and this idea that I would be a streamer and make money, was just a baseless attempt to redirect my vision from accepting I was doing exactly the same as before, gaming and for long periods. 

So yes it is important JSmith to provide people with options, but equally important for those reading it to be honest with themselves, and not be latching onto anything that postpones that realisation that they are continuing their addiction, and postponing their attempts to stop gaming, and have a fulfilling life outside gaming.

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