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Our Vision

Cam Adair

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@Cam Adair  Cool to see this summarized in a post. But who are "we"? Shouldn't it be I(because you did create this Forum solo or didn't you)?

Thanks Mario. It's we because we - all of us in this community - are building it together. I may have installed the Forum software, but I would have never done that without so many people asking me to start a forum, just a few examples:


And now that we have a forum, it's our collective community that helps each individual person, not just me. I just do my best to help keep things running smoothly. 

My goal with Game Quitters is to reach 10 million people in the next three years, and I know that will happen because of all of us working together. "Nobody wins alone." Our community has always been much bigger than me.

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Hey I see what you mean. I still think it is formulated unclear bceause you don't specify the "we".

To do this, we would provide the best tools, resources, and support for people of all ages and backgrounds, to get the help they need, and the help they deserve.

How would this sound to you ( think it is more clear and sends the same message)?

To do this, we at gamequitters would provide the best tools, resources, and support for people of all ages and backgrounds, to get the help they need, and the help they deserve.

but  it isn't important just my 2 Cents :D

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I hear you. Here's an example: Charity Water


When they say "we" they are speaking to what they as an organization (the founder and the staff) believe in, and, those who are in the Charity Water community (customers, donors and so forth) believe in as well.

It's not about their founder or even the organization - it's about what they believe in and their organization (staff, etc) are just a function of helping to bring that forth - just as every customer and donor is as well.

So when I refer to we, I'm referring to the same. Yes, I may be the only "official" staff member right now, but there is also for instance, a mom of a gamer who volunteers her time to help me a bit with the website. She's volunteering her hours because she believes in the same mission as I do.

Just like each post on this forum and every member in the community is a part of that mission too - and together we are making a difference - because we believe in something, in the same mission: to help support those who need it.

The reason I wouldn't include "Game Quitters" in the statement is because the statement is being made on behalf of Game Quitters.

Does that help to clarify it? BTW, Always trying to improve the statement to be the best it can be. Right now it's a bit wordy but I hope to achieve something similar to Charity Water's statement some day. :)

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Yes it clarified things.I think it is really powerful to link a Vision to gamequitters. You try to create not just a tool, but a movement to do good and I see the power of that Approach. Of course their are downsides to this. Tread carefully to stay as grounded on earth, as you are right now and I am happy to be a (small) part of it.

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