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I'm George!


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Hi, everyone!

My name is George, i'm 23 old.

English is not my native language, so forgive me if i've make some mistakes or misspellings.

I want to go through 90 days challenge to decide if my dream of becoming a game designer is real and not just a product of my limited world view.

All i do is play console video games, read games related news and discuss them on various internet forums. I'm unemployed, living on my parents money and this lifestyle sickens me. I wanted to change that by bringing something new to my life (start writing a journal here would be my first step) and start moving forward to something i've never experience before. And this greatly aligns with my next year plans of moving to the new country all by myself. I want to be prepared for it and make some noticeable changes beforehand.

So, today is the first day of my 90 days (and maybe even beyond that) journey to a better self!

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Hello George! it's great to have you here!

For a Portuguese, your english is just fine :)

I respect your will to go for the 90 day challenge, and hopefully, for many more days! The first days may be very tough, try to have something to do during "the void" NOW! If you're having any thoughts or troubles, please let us know as we will be here to help you. Having the journal will definitely help! Try to make it as important as you can so you don't get lazy :P

Take care

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