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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Howdy folks!


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Hi! I'm Rodrigo and I'm a Portuguese 21 year old guy who is taking a masters degree on Telecommunications and Computer Networks Engineering. I have played a lot since I was about 6 years old until this year. I completely feel that I would accomplish much more if I would have done more interesting activities. I lack social skills, mostly. I literally played so many hours of FPS games that I just can't play them anymore. But I still have a weak spot for MMOs and fantastic story driven games. I just can't ignore this hole inside of me that makes me feel hollow... I'm 21 years old, but I feel like I'm still a kid sometimes, not morally, but in the way I stand in the world. I don't know anything...

I'm not a stranger to Game Quitters! I actually stayed in the StopGaming reddit and I got to know Cam and his videos which were very interesting and also a good thing to grasp besides the reddit. I was able to stop playing for about 3 months and then I got a relapse that lasted for more 3-4 months. BUT the knowledge and some of the habits that I learned during those 3 months I stopped, stayed with me. I still had the mentality of doing what I felt it was umcomfortable for me. For example, I made a personal web page and started to look for an internship in the summer. I could have just spent the summer playing games, but I chose to do the internship and I got one. Of course that I played videogames when I arrived home, but atleast I was doing something that I wouldn't do if I hadn't those 3 months of not gaming. And more! A lot of stuff that I learned in those 3 months of not gaming it's actually paying off right now! I'm applying them in some classes that are giving me lots of advantage relatively to my colleagues and I'm connecting to some very cultural professors. Interesting stuff...

I want to read books again, I want to feel like I'm actually using my free time well, instead of just living each day feeling like I didn't do nothing. I want to be someone. I want to have REAL and POSITIVE friends that want to grow. Like Marcus Aurelius wrote, I want to let the god that is within me be the champion of the being I am.

I felt like posting this would give me the boost I need to stop playing again. I have the time to read and watch some good podcasts and documentaries, but I'm wasting it on videogames at the moment... And it would be great if I could make some friends around here, because I respect everyone that works hard and tries to be umcomfortable to improve himself :)

Thank you Cam for continuing with this project! I look forward for more of your ideas! :D

Take care,


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Hey Rodrigo! Thanks for joining us here. Every time we have a new member sign up it makes my day!

Also very cool that you're from Portugal because it's near the top of my list for places I'd like to visit soon. I made it as close as Madrid on my trip around Europe, so I can't wait to get over there soon. I'm sure we could shoot some cool videos when I come. :)

Looking forward to following your journey.

- Cam

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Hey Cam! It's cool you're thinking on coming here! I can give you a list of some cities you can choose to go. But if you're interested on coming to the capital (Lisbon), I live there and I can show you the best spots around :) Another good city that tourists love is Porto and it's 270 km away from Lisbon.

Thanks wookie! You're welcome :) I'm still finishing to read it, but I'm loving the way he sees the world and life/death. I find it best to write down the entries that ressonate the most with me. You should try it too!

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