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Evening activities for the summer

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I want to make sure I spend my evenings meaningfully during the summer. To ensure this I want to fetch some ideas from you what I could do to spend my time.

One aspect in my life I want to better is socializing.
I am a university student and lots of my friends will be on vacation or spending their time at home, so I'd love activities that I can do on my own and preferably get to know new people.

During the days I'll work as an intern, so spending the rest of the day meaningfully won't be the problem :)

Hobbies I currently have and plan on continuing during the summer are: reading, playing misc instruments/singing, going to the gym, attending concerts/festivals


Do you guys have any suggestions? I simply don't want to feel alone and being stuck in the city while everyone is enjoying awesome holidays :-/


PS: I checked Cam's 60+ Hobby-Ideas.pdf and just decided to finally attend a Toastmasters meeting in my city. Something I wanted to do for like a year but never did.
You know what? Fuck fear! Don't let it hold you back.

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Seriously dude attending a toastmasters event is one of the best feelings you will ever have. The sense of self achievement you receive from attending is indescribable. I was late the first time i attended and everyone there was so understanding and no one judges. Its like a different world the people there are from. TRUST ME DUDE, YOU RIGHT, FUCK FEAR. 

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Just wanted to check in with you guys, since I went to a Toastmasters event yesterday.

It was such a great experience!
Everyone was welcoming, interested in me and I instantly got invited to be the ballot counter, so I got involved right away which I found really nice.

After 3 speeches, we got a break and I got the chance to get to know some others a little better. Those are without exception people I'd love to have as my friend.

Once the break was over it was time for the evaluation of the speeches and then the impromptu speeches. I even had to hold one, but I failed miserably because I had not even understood the full question. No way I was coming up with something and I just stuttered something.
Adrenaline pure. Only thing, running from such a situation is not a good solution so this is counter productive ^^
Ever went bungee jumping? Similar experience except without falling :D

Such a great experience, I really felt that I expanded my comfort zone and I'll continue attending meetings. I recommend this to every single one of you!

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