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  1. Hi Gamequitters, I was on vacation in Portugal and learned surfing there. I had one of the best weeks of my life. When came home I started binge gaming for 4 days It felt like my brain wanted to continue this great dopamine rush and I did by binge fapping/gaming. How do I stop this? I literally went from hero to zero in one airplane ride... Maybe Cam has a video about this? If not I'd love to see one about such a situation. All the best Chris
  2. Just wanted to check in with you guys, since I went to a Toastmasters event yesterday. It was such a great experience! Everyone was welcoming, interested in me and I instantly got invited to be the ballot counter, so I got involved right away which I found really nice. After 3 speeches, we got a break and I got the chance to get to know some others a little better. Those are without exception people I'd love to have as my friend. Once the break was over it was time for the evaluation of the speeches and then the impromptu speeches. I even had to hold one, but I failed miserably because I had not even understood the full question. No way I was coming up with something and I just stuttered something. Adrenaline pure. Only thing, running from such a situation is not a good solution so this is counter productive ^^ Ever went bungee jumping? Similar experience except without falling Such a great experience, I really felt that I expanded my comfort zone and I'll continue attending meetings. I recommend this to every single one of you!
  3. Hi Guys, I plan on buying an action camera like the GoPro Session or the Drift Stealth 2, but since I don't have any experience using cameras whatsoever I'd like your suggestions on this. Things I want to do with the camera: record me while surfing/freeline skating, take fotos on my city trips, and make snapshots I'm not a big photographer (a reflex camera would definitely be too much for me f.i.) and don't want to spend a lot of time configuring things, just take out the camera, press a button and have a nice pic (thats why I thought the GoPro might be a good fit for me) My price limit is 250€ btw. I'd love to hear what you think. All the best Chris
  4. Hello! I want to make sure I spend my evenings meaningfully during the summer. To ensure this I want to fetch some ideas from you what I could do to spend my time. One aspect in my life I want to better is socializing. I am a university student and lots of my friends will be on vacation or spending their time at home, so I'd love activities that I can do on my own and preferably get to know new people. During the days I'll work as an intern, so spending the rest of the day meaningfully won't be the problem Hobbies I currently have and plan on continuing during the summer are: reading, playing misc instruments/singing, going to the gym, attending concerts/festivals Do you guys have any suggestions? I simply don't want to feel alone and being stuck in the city while everyone is enjoying awesome holidays :-/ PS: I checked Cam's 60+ Hobby-Ideas.pdf and just decided to finally attend a Toastmasters meeting in my city. Something I wanted to do for like a year but never did. You know what? Fuck fear! Don't let it hold you back.
  5. Thanks for the quick response, I'm definitely going to check their YouTube channels out
  6. It would have been interesting if you would have presented us some of the actual content of the books. Don't get me wrong, but there are a LOT of personal development books out there and I have a list of at least six books I "need" to read. A little bit of why I should skip those on my list for these two would have been interesting.
  7. In my previous post I mainly meant books from the Personal Development section. There are so many great out there. At least one for each struggle you currently go through, but by jumping to every book that dealt with a present struggle of mine, I never finished a single one of them. That's no good either. I'm on the same page with you concerning novels. Why waste your time with a book you don't enjoy. Be sure to not make the mistake of being a "one day..." dude. One day I'm going to learn french... One day I'm learning piano... One day I'm going to learn how to do yoga... You know what? These people rarely ever accomplish those dreams. I like to quote Brendon Burchard on this one: "A dream is a dead dream, if it is not in your agenda" Be sure to set a date when you start (and finish) your downloaded MOOC. Otherwise you spent time picking your courses, downloading the content and then never look at them again. Would be a pity.
  8. I can relate to your problem since I myself started various MOOCs and only finished one of them. For me I found out, through a blog post from Scott Young, that I have the habit of not finishing things. Countless books started, read for the first 100 pages and then dropped for another book, that seemed interesting. Maybe you can relate to this yourself. After noticing my habit, I focused on actually finishing every book/course I started, sometimes just for the sake of finishing, to stop this habit. Like Cam advised, one at a time and commit 100%. Do not allow yourself to pick another one up until you finished the course. PS: Here is the blog post I mentioned above Finish what you Start - Scott Young Hope this helps
  9. How did gaming impact your academic performance? Did it affect your grades?In some way it did, because I was spending most of my time playing World of Warcraft, I could have spent more time learning, but would I really do that if I wasn't gaming? I doubt it and here is a little story why: My mother once set an ultimatum to me: I either learn my latin vocabulary (I had a computer program, similar to Anki, where they could watch my progress) or she is not going to type in the login password for the World of Warcraft account. You know what? I completely stopped gaming from that day and refused to learn my latin vocabulary. 2. If gaming was having a negative impact on your grades, were your teachers or your school aware of it? Or did you keep this to yourself? No I don't think my teachers were aware of it, because during that time I still was one of the better students in class (or at least not at risk of failing my class). I think sometimes teachers are just trying to get everyone to pass their class, not encourage the great students to go even further.
  10. Thank you for this Video Cam, you just got me to try my first yoga class ever (a Youtube video from Antranik) and I really enjoyed it.