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Deleting battle.net account


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Problem is that I did the same. And 2 months later, I have been whining to the support, and they gave me back my account (just needed to give my name and a brief history of my main characters). I actually did 2 times. And the second time, they even gave me back all my characters for free (normally you can get back only 1 character every month).

So this time, there is really no chances ! This is the last email I received:


Hereby, I confirm receipt of your request for deletion of your Battle.net account.

We have granted your request and recorded disabling your Battle.net account. As had been agreed, all information personal and billing details have been erased from our database.

Remember that this operation is irreversible and that in no case this account can not be restored.

Thank you for your understanding and are of course at your disposal if you have any other question.


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