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Procrastination is destroying my hopes


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Hello everyone,

Despite the somewhat desperate title, I am not feeling THAT bad. But it has come to a point where I can't do much because of it.

A member had recommended me a very good book on willpower, however I'll need something bigger : I struggle with organisation, time planning...

As far as I can tell there's several big things that keep getting in the way. For example I find something to do, to focus on, then I work a bit on it... Maybe a few days or a week after, something else interesting pops up, which then replace the project I had.

In the end nothing ever gets truly done as I can't progress enough before the current project get replaced.

What can I do about that ?

Thanks in advance.

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The biggest mistake I made in this area was expecting instantaneous results.

I actually got better over the course of about a year when I really started focusing on it. I still procrastinate, but I am still improving at it, and actually understand all of the complex causes.

It's a research project for you, basically. I could link you stuff, but you wouldn't learn it as effectively without spending the time that it takes to really defeat it and going through it the hard way. So, get creative and literally focus on productivity as a project in and of itself.

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What has worked for me when I deal with Procrastination: realizing everything we do is a task

So basically when you fall asleep, when you wake up, when you play a video-game, when you smoke, drink, eat, go shopping, etc it's all a task. Ask yourself if you would waste your entire day staring at a blank wall and doing nothing else. Would you? That's how I feel about Procrastination. You can take a task that involves no benefit only enjoyment or you can choose the other task that involves enjoyment and benefits you in the real world.

And the fact we all are guaranteed death at +60 years old could be enough motivation in of itself.

This is how I dealt with it.

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For me it was a matter of knowing yourself. I realized that gaming, videogames streams, pornography and masturbation led me to procastination.

The most useful book for me was Victor Pride´s 30 days of discipline. I believe Tynan has a book on habits as well.

Cam´s Detox tools can help with procastination as well.

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For me, it got much more concrete than that. Just like with gaming, I realized that even though I wanted to stop, I was unable to. So I had to change my environment to make it easier to stop. I found that uninstalling games was too much, because I would just reinstall them. Or blocking websites all together made me just delete the content blocker. But, when I added a password to the content blocker so I could use youtube, but had to enter a password (gamequitters) into the site each time i wanted it to load, I severely cut down on wasted time. Same with the one game I was trying to get over, rocket league. I would uninstall steam, but then just reinstall it. However, now my friend and girlfriend know the password to my steam account. So if I want to play a game with one of them, they have to enter the account password. 


For me, that's what worked. I also changed where my desk was, where I read, and where i spent time when i was trying to be productive. Establishing new patterns and habits is what has really helped so far, nothing to do with motivation or drive. Just something to think about trying!

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I recommend mini habits, this book really helped me.

In short it suggests you should create a few daily goals (not too many).

The crucial thing is they should be very small, so your mind doesn't create that much resistance when you're trying to perform them.

For example read 2 pages of a book. 

There are few benefits with this approach:

- you don't have an excuse to not make it, since it takes such a small amount of time

- most of the time when you start you read more than 2 pages. Let's say you read 100 pages - boom, success, you beat your goal 50 times, if your goal was 100 pages, you've only met it, without that much glory

- there were more, but I don't remember them right now

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