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Hi there!

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I have largely overcome my addiction to games, but I still have a huge problem when it comes to mindless internet surfing. I found this website through a post on r/stopgaming, with a link to the video about mindless internet surfing. It feels scary to admit that I have a problem, especially because it's a problem that I've denied to myself. I'm committed to getting better and achieving my goals, including learning Mandarin again, visiting museums and living life instead of mindlessly browsing the Internet. Looking forward to learning and growing with all of you! - Erica

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Hi Erica,

welcome to the forum! You should consider to start a journal and just talk about your days and plans. It is a great tool to see your own progress and to get helpful tips and feedback of other members of the forum. I don't know what you are all ready doing but I just post a few things which I think are helpful to your problem:

-Be intentional about your day and plan every evening the next day. Don't be to strict with that plans and see it more like a list of priorities. It is often times an adjustment to start proper planning so don't beat yourself up if something doesn't work out like you planned.

- You could start a streak counter(here in a journal/ habitica etc..) about some things you been able to do every day.

- be very clear and precise with the things you commit to every day( something like:My browsing maximum is 1hour a day on workdays and 3hours at the weekend for the next two weeks)

- try out new things and activities and stick to them for some time(this is the hardest and most rewarding point in this little list)



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Welcome!  Glad to have you here. 

For a period of time, I disconnected my home internet and used the library computers which only allocate 90 minutes per day.  It helped me structure my internet browsing due to the limited time frame.  I had to narrow it down to the most helpful or interesting websites that I wanted to browse.  So, it became basically internet time for 'necessity', rather than mindless browsing.  Would you be keen on experimenting this for a short time?  I did this for about three weeks.

If I have further hints, I'll let you know. 

Kind regards,


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