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Sashi's Art


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I have been drawing for years but video games kept me from practicing as much as I wanted to. I even made up my own character and intend to write some books and illustrate her into them. My art style is very... cutesy and kind of odd. I really enjoy it though, regardless of my odd art style. I won't be posting any game fan art and trust me, I drew loads of it. I hope the amount of art I am posting isn't a strain on the servers. I won't post all my art here, there is just too much. Here is a link to my DeviantArt if you want to see all my art, including game art I haven't removed yet. If you don't like furries or ponies, please disregard this forum post.


Okay, here are some of my favorite drawings.

Two of these are brand new, done in the past 2 days. The *true friends* sketch and the one with the little girl riding the cat. xD


Sashiku White.png


Lovely Day.png

Everypony Gets Sad sometimes.png

How to catch a Derpy.png

Mori's Logo TEST.png


Sunset Adventure.png

True Friends.png

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Love the pictures of the hippie girl and the space crocodile! Did you do them in a day?  I really like the style of your art.

Thank you~! I intend on uploading everyday again once I get well. :D maybe I will draw today, Dunno yet. Best I've felt in a week.

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