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Day 83...

1 week still to go. Finally got some information from the "rehab center". Will have "job type finding" (having problems translating this into English) from August/22 till end of september. I hope i can then begin training for a job in October. I think i will be good in a job that involves analyzing data.

I will see a few friends after detox is finished in 1,5 weeks on Friday 8th.

Had a concert playing clarinet with an orchestra on Sunday. Went well. Not 100%, but 95%. I am not sure if i could have done it so well had i played computer games. Because of this, i have not worked on my book for quite a while.

@hycniejsyI can either work on my book at morning or at the evening. 

Got into the habit of getting out of bed at 7am. It's just too much time that gets wasted of the day if i sleep in.

After my detox, i may start gaming casually again, but i will never ever under no circumstances start WoW again. I don't even think i will go see the movie, i think it's too much risk. It's not even that the game was fun anymore at the end. It was just sucking up time. It's a treadmill.

I am not sure if i want to play Single-Player RPGs or Strategy games again. I really dislike that it takes up so much time that could be used elsewhere. With RPGs it is the worst. You can start again and again and again. I used to play them halfway through them with different kinds of characters. Basically my entire collection of games consists of Single-Player RPGs and Stragegy games.

Will rather do something else with my time.

EDIT: Fixed some errors of bad translation.

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hey soon you did it. Me personally decided after some experimentation not to game at all. Because the games I enjoy where highly addictive to me. And just play because I can but not enjoying it seemed senseless. Also it did feel awesome too decide not to come back to this ever again. But I get the feeling that this is a very personal decision. Good luck to you.

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Day 89 - The journey is coming to an end.

Did some paperwork the last few days - compiling curriculum vitae, getting informed on the "education center" where i will do the job finding and hopefully start training, etc. Restructured my room, built some things for my room.

I reviewed some books i had on memory training. Will pick it up again. In the time i did the memory training i achieved much. For example, i am now able to remember my IBAN and birthday dates. It really really really improves general memory and general "brainpower" too.

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YES! :)

Day 91 - Games are boring now.

I tried some of my old games again - however somehow i found them boring. I quit after like 15 minutes. This confirms my suspicion that at the end i was only playing because it was a habit, not because it was fun anymore.

EDIT: Wanted to add, this 90day-detox was one of the best things i did so far in my life.

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