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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

hello !


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Want to say hello !!!

After trying to stop I don't know any times and getting back few weeks later because of... need to escape... , I want to do it with support !

Yesterday, played 19 hours...

Will let you know !

Happy to be here !

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Thanks to your nice messages ! That gives me hope !

It's have always be very strange as I have always been able to not play and not miss game at all for few days, and then suddenly play these 10-15hours a day, several days in a raw, sometimes several weeks... all with having NO-ONE imaginating that I was playing. None of my friends knew exept i told once my best friend 2 years ago. But then I told him I stopped (which was not true...I just wanted to stop).

So I know I will never be completely on the safe side...

But today I have been out doing music ! Then had 3 skype with my closest firends ! Now bed!

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Welcome friend! Keeping your mind busy and your day active is the key. Also try to eliminate any games or consoles from sight and not allow the temptation.

If you're a PC gamer then uninstall every game form your PC and get rid of things like Steam, Origin etc. Also If you haven't yet create a Journal on here to log everything that's on your mind and to keep yourself accountable.

Best of luck & hopefully look forward to your Journal soon! :)


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