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Our BIG Goal For 2016

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone.

Watch: Our BIG Goal For 2016

A few details below:

So as I talk about in the video, one of the biggest problems researchers have when it comes to compulsive gaming/gaming addiction/problematic gaming is finding enough participants for their studies. Many of them only have 20, 30, 40 participants.

But our community is growing and our numbers are already impressive (5,000 readers of this sub now for example), so we have an opportunity to help lead the way on the academic research side of things as well.

Again, instead of waiting for "the world" to take our issue seriously, we can just take matters into our own hands, lead the way and share our story with the world.

So a goal I've put together is to have 1,000 members participate in the 90 day detox "evaluation" this year - which basically works like this:

1. You sign-up here (it's free of course) for your 90 day detox.
2. You fill out your first survey (on that page) evaluating different areas of your life.
3. On Days 15, 30, 60 and 90 you will receive (automatically) the next surveys to complete.

Important: If you'd like to participate, make sure you use a REAL email address in the surveys, because your email is how we are going to tie your surveys together. If you use a fake email we won't be able to use your feedback.

Another reason this evaluation is important is that it allows us to show other gamers who are interested in moving on from games that it DOES have a tangible positive impact on your life (in specific areas). This is a way for us to show the quantified impact of the work within our community.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them and I'll answer them. This is only the beginning but this type of evaluation (and others to come in the future) will be important moments in the history of our movement.

So far we have 150 of 1,000 participants so if you haven't joined yet, we need your help.

It's up to US to share our story with the world, and this is just one of the ways we can do it. Thanks for all of your support. :)

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I take it you will eventually write down the results in a book or study? I"m asking because i find other experiences very interesting, will you share them at some point after like 250 members or wait to the full 1000?

yep the plan is for them to be published in a book and another TEDx talk. Academic journals as well. 

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What if you're already a significant way through your 90 day detox?

that is still fine. If you haven't joined the surveys yet, you can do so. 

The surveys will say day 0, 15, 30, 60, 90 but don't worry a bout that. On the first one you have an opportunity to say how far into the detox you already are so we will keep that in mind when we evaluate everything. 

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