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Tried Moderation, Didn't Like it.


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Hey everyone, so after a long time of not gaming. I tried moderation. It went pretty well, and you could still say that it is moderate, but it just doesn't feel right. I've noticed more and more it's becoming an escape, so although it still isn't affecting my life in a major way, it's adding nothing to it. So I think my brain has become attached to gaming again, so I'm going to quit again.

Wish me luck!

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Yeah, I also realized that even though I was being moderate, I was on the slippery slope towards gaming more.

For those who try moderation for what whatever reason, myself included. Recognising when you are in control of your gaming and the moment that you no longer are is crucial, good job! :)

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I also thought about moderation but came to the conclusion that it's just not possible for me anymore. After long time of being an addict, it can only be a one-way-ticket. It's very hard to accept that you cannot handle video games like a casual. I think the trick is to see that video games can be fun but, in my case for example, will cause more damage if you force yourself to think that you can moderate.

Good luck with quitting! :)

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