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A ladies man hooked by WoW :(


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Hi guys, (Warning, adult language lays ahead)

My name is Carlos, from Mexico. and I have not played video games for 2 days!!

This might not sound like a lot but let me give you a bit of back story.

Back in the days of secondary school I played some games like Age of empires, and stuff, but I did not consider myself hooked or addicted, cus they were all pretty strategic, and you gotta be smart enough to win vs the bots, specially in hard mode, so i mostly just used cheats to win and to advance. Back in highschool I did not play mush either but in Uni I met this guy, he was in most of my clasess, a buddy from my same major, and he played something called WoW. I had no idea what that was, and i wasnt interested cuz by then I was a ladiesman. I literally slept with sooo many women in uni, that i lost count, not because i am tall and handsome, im actually just 1.62meters, but my game bro.... is so damn heavy and sturdy as my ba**s.

I was a party hardy man, and i had zero time for games anymore. I used to bully him in a friendly way (cuz yea, he was my buddy but i still bullied him), called him nerd, virginity paladin, etc. But one day at his house we were having some beers and he had his laptop with him and he said, come here and give it a try, try to play, first tryal is for free until level 20. And i was like.... nah man gtfo of here, im not gonna try that. come on he kept telling me, just try and you will see its "another level" which means like "out of this world" experience kinda like.

Im not gonna lie you guys, I created my first character, a hunter, named Aztechunter.... holly*rap, i was level 20 by next morning. I literally opened the account, and I played all night thru... He went to sleep and next day he found me still playing that sh*t. That was the day in which Carlos died and new Carlos was born, i was HOOKED with that st*pid game, for quite a while.... I stopped going to parties, all of the sudden my game with the chicks went away, i wasnt getting any, not as much as before, i managed to score a few times but then i wanted to play rather than be with them. i was dating a german student from dortmund that went to mexico for the summer and she left me for another guy.

The doomsday came, my friend bought later an Xbox360, so i bought one too, he then showed me warcraft 3 so i played it too (with cheats) cuz strategy games, jesus, I s*ck at them, you dont gotta be a mathematics phd to win or anything but they are hard, and thats what i liked of wow, wow is mindless, you dont need to be good, you still level up, and you will still win vs bots, which are fuc*ing reta*ded always.

Then I graduated and left mexico, came to Singapore to work in 2012 (yea cuz all this thing i just told you happened around 2011 and 2012) it was my last 2 years of school. So i came to singapore and i said, f*ck now i gotta work and go well.... so i left wow, but somehow i still wanted to game a bit. here is where i realised i was already adicted. So i opened another wow account to start fresh, cuz you know, you gotta learn all the abilities again, i created another character but this time it was not that engaging, prolly cuz i didnt know anyone, or prollly cuz i just didnt have enough friends there. so i decided to quit a bit anf focus at work, but not long later the cravings came again and now i found another game called LoL. So i intalled it and started playing and got hooked up with that sh*t all over again.EVEN more than with WOW. cuz this thing is competitive. and i loved that part cuz its competitive but its still easy, 4 abilities, map awarness and there you go. its still simpler than warcraft3 where you gotta farm shit, and gold, and stone and all that crap.

Lol got me to the point where I missed work many times at the bank and i got fired, moved to another bank here and same sh*t happened, i just recently got my a*s fired, i have reached the lowest point in my life now. I am serving notice period, im gonna jobless soon.... and to be honest i couldnt care less about it... but the thing is that i am not living alone anymore. I am married now with a singaporean girl, i love her, she deserves the best, and I am here addicted to this crap.

i went to google searching for help, and youtuve gave me a video of Aidar and his tedtalk, so i decided to quit...... for good.

today is my second day without playin LoL at all. I uninstalled it, I have watched a few youtube videos of lol only, to kinda feel at ease, but i have not played yet. I seriously wont go back at it ever in my life. I will keep coming here to read sucess stories of the pros, and stuff like that to motivateme. I really regret all the time i spent on Wow and LoL. back in Uni with WoW all the girls i didnt meet, all the parties i didnt go, so many things i missed. And now with LoL my f*king job man. It is so sad. Games are a waste of time, seriously.

But never mind..... Such is life, I will get another job soon, I already f*cked up all my contacts with my colleagues but doesnt matter. I am happy now because this is my second chance. I have respawened, and this time im not gonna do the same mistake again. No more f*cking video games!

Sorry for the post, cuz it is so messy, the ideas are just thrown everywhere, there is not much chronological structure, there is maybe no logic, but thanks for reading anyway. I guess i just did it cuz i needed these ideas in my mind to come out and kinda express them in a way.

Sorry for the language Cam, hope you dont mind.

There is not TL,DR. dont be lazy*ss and read all the text.

Thanks for creating this Aidar, you rock. Next time you come back to SEA (south east asia for those who dont know) dont go thailand, come to singapore and we hang out. Gonna show you the b*chez.

"His palms are sweaty"

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Paisano, que onda! haha anyways, welcome to our army, I recently completed my very first month games-free, quitting is defo going to be one the best decisions in your life, this is coming from someone with a 27 years background story of gaming, the first days are the thoughest, then it loosens more and more as you progress, I too was addicted to both WoW and LoL, but on the long run I realized I was getting absolutely NOTHING good or productive out of them so I'm glad I already quit, but anyways, let us know if you have any questions or need anything else, this community is AWESOME so you won't regret coming here.

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Hey there man, your post made me laugh my ass off xD Welcome to the forums man. One thing I want to warn you about, my friend, is that you may not want to be watching YouTube videos of video games. I had a month long relapse just recently which I largely attribute to watching YouTube videos. Yes, they absolutely do make you feel better, but what happens is you quickly start to miss the game and then you see someone do something cool in the game and you have the irresistible urge to play again. Watch out for that.

Go out and get more B*chez man! xD

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One thing I want to warn you about, my friend, is that you may not want to be watching YouTube videos of video games. I had a month long relapse just recently which I largely attribute to watching YouTube videos.

?Yes, had the same experience with twitch.com :) But seeing people play all day and other people cheering at them in their chat room ... bah, I can't find the word to describe my feelings.

CRKP: Is everything still alright?

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