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  1. 2 Days, same as me. Your post echoes my feelings as well....time to get the frontal cortex firing on all barrels again only this time tuned into real life rather than Sword ofPWnage lvl 56.
  2. Oh and credit where credit is due, Cam....great TED talk, really hit home for me. I will try to help here when I can but I am in the early stages of a 30 year addiction to gaming. Wow now I sound old. Modern games are particularly not healthy either, like the Bliss point in food (just enough sugar to not overload but keep you hooked) gaming now keeps you on a constant cycle of making it just that bit easier for you to upgrade and keep you coming back. I even played Clash of the Clans on my ipoad, evn bought another iphone so I could play more. Spending money to upgrade non tangible items....really! Wife had a word with me, a very stern word with me over my addiction to Clash of Clans, I mean I was on it all day and even in bed. First thing I looked at in the morning, while I watched films and even on holiday. Thinking about it I really have messed up haven't I? Still....2 days in....many more to go. I'm reading Pscho Psybernetics book at the moment which is really helping me a lot to understand myself. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=psycho+cybernetic&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=32177940129&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=64671284795045484&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_ekn5br6y7_e Looks like my mid life crisis is going to be all about fixing those wasted years instead of a crappy sports car. If I can give my business the energy I gave all night gaming sessions then I will be ok.
  3. Hi all, Feel like I am at an alchoholics anonymous convention where for many years I have denied that I have a problem but then the moment hits you like a train....you are addicted to games. I'm on the right side of 40 years old and in the process of launching a software company (dealing with audio composition software) whilst looking after my twin 1 year old girls (stay at home dad). But after being up all night from 3am with teething babies I found myself watching a video by the awesome MJ De Marco and a comment he made "if you play more than 5hrs of video games a week you are a not an Entrepreneur your are a Wa'ntrepreneurj" ust made me stand up.....walk to my recording studio outside.....uninstall every game....uninstall steam....delete all games from my 3 x 2TB backup hard drives. You see this guy has been my kind of wake up call and somewhat of a mentor to me. Had I been more awake I think that I would have talked myself out of it with selfish comments like: I need it to relieve stressJustify to wife by saying that I don't drink, Smoke, Gamble or do drugs so playing games is not so bad?It's my HobbyBut as I was so tired from being up all night with the babies I just instinctively knew what was the correct thing to do and to do it before I changed my mind. Then I found myself watching the Game Quitters YouTube channel which just confirmed everything for me. Quite emotional really even at my age, I know now that to start a succesfull business you have to be on it ALL the time, as it is now my wife does not work Fridays so I get Friday and Saturday (Sunday is family time) to concentrate on my business. Guess what I have been doing instead Every evening after the girls have gone to bed and dinner has been finished I go out to the studio and play either Warthunder (WW2 Plane Game) or Mad Max (current thing) until about 1am. No work done on business and I am even sat in an amazing
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