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Relapsed today :(

Paul A.

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So after about two weeks, I've had my first major relapse...

I was just feeling really bored, and recently my brother has been playing Super Smash Flash 2 on KBHgames, and I would watch him play. He's pretty good and I somewhat enjoyed watching him play, and that brought back feelings of nostalgia of when I would play. I felt tired due to boredom and decided I didn't want to deal with it anymore, so after my mom made me shovel snow I went on the computer and started playing. It wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it would be, and my brother and I got into an argument over who gets to play next, which happened frequently in the past and contributed to my decision to quit. Then because of that, I installed a couple games on my phone and started playing only to uninstall them an hour later. After that, I tried to play ROBLOX as a guest but gave up due to a gender glitch. All in all not a great experience, and it didn't help that I was exhausted and had a dull headache the entire time. I'm thinking of just resigning myself to watching YouTube videos, because I find it hard to stay focused on much these days, including alternative hobbies. Not feeling too great, but it was bound to happen eventually right? :(

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