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How to make exercise more fun?


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I did not see this question asked before so I decided to ask here since something I struggle with.

How do you make exercise more fun? Like make exercise feel less mundane and something enjoyable? 

Before you ask 

1.I have go to gym before, listen music, did the cycles, swimming (which I enjoyed), and tried some gym classes there were not for me. Most of these I felt were boring. 

And I not talking about an downloading an app and relying on that either something non electronic.

1.For example how would you make sit-ups more fun? Or Lunges? Or walking? 

I did event one game that has me walking in stores 

1.Rule 1: park at the furthest space in a shopping complex (stay safe).

2.Rule 2: You can’t go into any of your favorite stores

3.Rule 3: Walk the whole complete and finding interesting stores you want to go to.

4.Rule 5 go into those interesting stores.

I seem to like geocaching, dancing. 
Seems when I driving now I did an I spy game to keep focused to. 

I tried hiking a couple of times but too in shape to do it. 

So what some ways you have made excerise for more fun and feel less mundane because be nice to see some suggestions. Thanks. 

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