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  1. I have not been here in forever, getting rid of my Ethernet port has been they key. I have pretty much played 0 games since I have been here last. My girlfriend did buy a switch for us not knowing that I was trying to stop but it has completely been a non issue for me. we play minecraft together on it sometimes and I got mortal kombat and monster hunter for it and maybe have only played them ~3 hrs a week the past month and never thinking about them when I'm not playing. I am planning on getting a high energy puppy breed soon so will be spending lots of time training her at the park
  2. 10 days without games. YouTube has been pretty minimal so that's good, went up to the ranch and sighted my new gun in. Made it to a lot more study groups as my cert test is coming up really soon and I am super nervous about it. Don't want to go to work tomorrow but oh well. I am thankful I am really tired so I will sleep good tonight
  3. A lot of what you have said in your posts resonates with me. I am 26 and feel like I have really low T and just cannot gain nearly any muscle, and skinny like a rail. I know it sucks and you're not alone. Insta will only do harm though so tread lightly friend.
  4. Up to 8 days now, been doing more studying recently and that is good. Also have more direction when I am at the gym instead of just doing whatever lol. Thankful to have the next two days off though. I feel like I should make a plan or else I'll just end up wasting them though. My grandfather will probably go take care of somethings at the ranch, I will probably go with him and help get raccoons away or something.
  5. 6 days being game free. Not too much to report still. Using YouTube as a replacement still unfortunately. Not bringing my laptop to work does help though. Seen a post talking about how league is not a free game and every match costs a piece of your sanity until there is nothing left. Fairly true and funny
  6. 4 Days without games Did not update this journal yesterday but I don't want to lose the habit so I am just making a small one right now. cravings have been pretty minimal though I have pretty much defaulted into just watching YouTube or anime or something instead. I am not going to bring my laptop tomorrow and I will just bring my kindle and my journal that way I can work on some studies through the work computers if I need to or just read. I will go back to filling out the full journal tomorrow as well.
  7. Day #2 _____________________________________________ Gratitude journal: I am thankful for having a few days off work, it's supposed to be nice out today and I honestly have really no idea how to spend it. I got new optics on my rifle, I might go up to the ranch if its not a muddy mess (though with all the rain yesterday its more than likely) I think I seen a small wood-carving set over at my grandparents in the basement. It might be fun to sit out on the deck and see if I can make anything while I listen to a podcast or something. _____________________________________________ One amazing thing that happened/I did today: Got a real gym membership at a calisthenics place _____________________________________________ Workout/run: oof ___________________________________________ Prayer: Heavenly father I pray to put my worry's at the foot of the cross, and allow my trust in you to guide me to the path that is right for me. Lord we ask that you watch over us today as we keep you near in our hearts Amen _____________________________________________ Thoughts: Currently my thoughts are a little everywhere. This is the first day I didn't work and didn't play any video games for a really long time. I didn't do too much other than clean a bit and talked with my dad for a while and I am getting ready to go to class. Having my favorite league champ as my wallpaper background definitely did not really help so I had to change that for sure. I got the wood carving stuff also I just need to grab it from my car after class. _____________________________________________ Daily affirmation: Video games are a poor imitation of how great life can actually be. _____________________________________________ Reading + taking notes: Did not read today, need to charge my kindle. _____________________________________________ Getting to bed before 9pm: Absolutely did not do this, stayed but late playing around on HackTheBox. It's related to my studies but its more fun than it is studying for my exam. Didn't wake up this morning until like 9 or so. Its my weekend so its whatever. They have a networking module that talks about a lot of the same stuff i need to work on but in a little more of a fun way. _____________________________________________ Weekly Goal(s): Work through 3 more chapters find hobbies _____________________________________________ Monthly Goal: Pass my exam _____________________________________________ 3 Month Goal: build and stick to a strong morning and nightly routine. _____________________________________________ What went well today: made some pretty good food _____________________________________________ What I could have done to make my day better: Have my day planned better _____________________________________________ What I will do differently tomorrow: Plan my day before bed _____________________________________________ "Infinite lives, and all of them thrown away"
  8. Day #1 _____________________________________________ Gratitude journal: Some things I am thankful for today: -My family -The ability to go to school nearly free -Having a fairly easy job that I can study at or do this journal _____________________________________________ One amazing thing that happened/I did today: I got way more studying in today than I did yesterday I also uninstalled GeForce Now and Steam _____________________________________________ Workout/run: Did a little bit of a workout at the gym. not going to lie I was kinda lazy unfortunately _____________________________________________ Prayer: Lord I want to thank you for this life that I have and all the intricacies that go into sustaining it, I pray that you watch over my friend James who is struggling with being sick while going through a pretty nasty custody battle, as well as my cousin Dylan who is also struggling to find some peace. Lord I pray that you help me let go of the things that hinder my progress, and grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. In Jesus name, amen. _____________________________________________ Visualization: Thought about what I actually want out of my life. I know I want a tiny cabin on my families ranch at least. With a little work shed to tinker around in. _____________________________________________ Daily affirmation: Video games are not real achievements and I do not enjoy them _____________________________________________ Reading + taking notes: Didn't read much today, skimmed through my network books a little bit and read about 5% of 1984 while I waited for my co worker to come so I could leave. I haven't read it before. I started to and remembered why I stopped. Its really depressing. _____________________________________________ Getting to bed before 9pm: Made it yesterday _____________________________________________ Weekly Goal(s) Set 4/17: -Finish 3 Network+ chapters -Find hobbies for the mind, body, and soul _____________________________________________ Monthly Goal: Pass my test _____________________________________________ 3 Month Goal: Built a strong morning/nightly routine _____________________________________________ What went well today: The church services were really great, I also scheduled to meet up with my IT study group What I could have done to make my day better: Not fall back asleep on the couch after I wake up in the morning as well as spending less time on YouTube _____________________________________________ What I will do differently tomorrow: Eat a good breakfast _____________________________________________ "Infinite lives, and all of them thrown away"
  9. Hey thanks man, My class size is really small and they do league games together once a month I'm thinking about still going to those as its fairly social, takes place at the school and infrequent. I did have a plan of trying to give my password to someone I trust that I don't know it but now that I think about it I would be the type of person to just reset it with my email. So eventually it will have to be an all or nothing thing. One thing I know that draws me to the game is character thematic, art and story. Though I am not very artistic myself I don't know what to make of it. I will definitely check out your intro post and look around here more though.
  10. Hello, I very recently started looking into gaming addiction and I believe I have a problem. I no longer just play games as a way to relax and instead use it as a way to forget about the important things I need to do like schooling or my desire to workout more and eat right. I am 26m and gaming has been a problem most of my life. Probably since I was 6 or so but really started with Halo Reach. that's where I met a group of guys that I still play with to this day. recently I have tried to stop but always end up back in another 10 hour or so session of league or something. This is also a bit of an issue as my only friends are those guys I talk to through discord who still essentially have no jobs or anything and still play games basically every waking hour of the day. I have seen some people talk about deleting their league accounts and I am envious of that, as currently to me that just seems completely out of the question with the excuses of "oh I've had it since 2013" or "There is $1000 worth of skins on it" pretty standard and fairly flawed arguments I know but still. Thankfully I never really cared about playing ranked or climbing or even try-harding for that matter so I don't even know what I see in the game other than it feels good to kill enemy champions. My plan for leaving games behind currently I am in a little different position of how I actually play games on my computer than most. I use GeForce Now and stream them as my laptop is just pretty crappy, I am thinking if I get rid of my Ethernet adapter my connection will be poor enough that it will be easier to deal with the urges to hop on any games in the first place. I also will start looking for other hobbies, start with something normal like learning a language and going to the gym. Though I feel I will still be constantly looking for "easy entertainment" so to speak that stuff like netflix and video games provide. I really don't want to drop video games for something like constant netflix binges or smoking weed all the time either. I have a good relationship with drugs and alcohol and really don't want to ruin that anyway, this forum seems to be fairly dead, or at least slow. and in retrospect that probably makes sense considering people are trying to get away from their computers