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How to make exercise more fun?

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I did not see this question asked before so I decided to ask here since something I struggle with.

How do you make exercise more fun? Like make exercise feel less mundane and something enjoyable? 

Before you ask 

1.I have go to gym before, listen music, did the cycles, swimming (which I enjoyed), and tried some gym classes there were not for me. Most of these I felt were boring. 

And I not talking about an downloading an app and relying on that either something non electronic.

1.For example how would you make sit-ups more fun? Or Lunges? Or walking? 

I did event one game that has me walking in stores 

1.Rule 1: park at the furthest space in a shopping complex (stay safe).

2.Rule 2: You can’t go into any of your favorite stores

3.Rule 3: Walk the whole complete and finding interesting stores you want to go to.

4.Rule 5 go into those interesting stores.

I seem to like geocaching, dancing. 
Seems when I driving now I did an I spy game to keep focused to. 

I tried hiking a couple of times but too in shape to do it. 

So what some ways you have made excerise for more fun and feel less mundane because be nice to see some suggestions. Thanks. 

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A lot of the time exercise isn't for entertainment alone when I do it. There might be a lot of motivational or 'hard' pointers from highly accomplished people, yet it's still my preference to leave an exercise session with just enough energy to get home before slowing down. It requires honesty with how I'm feeling about the stuff.

Today was a 'soft/rest day' for me, and I used music and merely walked around a park for 1 hour, focusing on the greenness and trying to 'vibe' with the dog owners and footy players. But tomorrow is probably going to be heavy squats - heaviness is relative but it means I'll keep adding weight until it's not safe to go down and up more than 5 times (a '5 rep maximum'/'5RM'). At the same time, I've changed my technique for now by coming down slow, pausing when my legs make a 90 degree angle, and standing back up relatively quickly.

Try to feel the motion through your body, speed up, and slow down again (EDIT: and don't forget to breathe!). One mistake I used to make when I was busier was quantity over quality - if I only had 45 minutes, I'd now probably only repeat one movement rather than do 2 sets of everything with poor technique or no warming up/practice attempts. But then, my goal for awhile has been improved mood and less stress. Also, if you get planning/daydreaming time, I recommend coming up with a kind of 'bodybuilder' schedule; with a bunch of your favourite exercises for all of your muscles, covered in 2-3 weeks, then repeating it.

-> If I had to suggest something, it would be team sport/friendly competition. I tried my first beginner, social jiu jitsu class this year, and I knew we'd be getting a bit closer and physical, and it really had an adrenaline effect. If nothing else, let your imagination run a little wilder. Low enjoyment may also mean that most of your day is too fun in comparison, and exercise isn't the 'high point' of your day, like my dad says it probably is for a lot of people in the gym who are 'just getting on with it'.

I might have a lot less faith than 10-15 years ago, but still, godspeed.

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