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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I officially quit June 16, 2023

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I have been gaming since grade 9. I have put all my feelings into gaming. Ruining 2 happy marriages. Ruining relationships with my children. I want to get better, not just for me, but to be present for my children. Im from New Brunswick Canada. I am looking to try and get healthier habits, but I am on day 2 of no gaming and it's hard.


This is also for my wife...well I guess Ex-wife, who I TOLD  I wanted a divorce, because I couldn't play games as much as I wanted too. Then when I realized it was happening, I started reflecting on my life. Realizing how much I neglected her, and her feelings, while hiding mine behind a computer screen. When my mom died, I did the same thing. I'm 30, so I have lots of life left, and I would like to enjoy life, without gaming. I am going try my hardest.


But everyone hello, my name is Brandon, but my gamer tag has been LemonadeNS forever, so I felt it was appropriate.

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