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How to quit watching (game) content (not playing)?


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Hello people 🌻,

7 years ago I started with game quitters and quit gaming. Relapsed multiple times, but for the past 5 years I successfully dont play computer games. However I cant stop watching my fav leauge youtubers.

Normally I am OK for (few) months where I dont even think about YT or lol, but then something changes and I am back at searching for lol content and watching one vid for curiosity, which leads to a period where I consume more videos a day.

To quit gaming was hard, but I followed the methods and it is a success, thus I think I know how to stop. For whatever reason I cant win over watching content though.

What do I need to do?

I'd be very greatful for any discussion

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Well first of all I would consider searching for new content you also enjoy, maybe on a different platform other than YouTube though.

Pick up the use of a daily goal tracker. Don't just count days that you haven't watched lol content, pick up another goal as well, for example I have a goal to draw. You can learn a play an instrument, you can start going to the gym, or just walking around your neighborhood or something, It doesn't really matter what the goal is... It just needs to be a healthy habit that you want to incorporate into your life.

What is it about lol that draws you to it? Is it the competition? Maybe you should start following, or even playing, sports. Is it the fantasy aspects? Start picking up some fantasy novels. Really pick this apart, dig deep into why you're still consuming this content.

I'm also recovering pothead. I used to watch weed related content on YouTube. There is no way in hell I could watch that stuff now and not end up relapsing! So why are you setting yourself up for failure? You obviously know it's not healthy which is why you're here posting about it!

You can't win against watching because you're an addict, none of us can control that. That's why we're here. Even if you manage to quit watching lol content, you're going to have to be careful in other aspects of your life! Addiction never limits itself to only one aspect of your life. You have to learn how to channel your obsessive impulses into more healthy habits, because those obsessive impulses will never go away. 

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Start by wiping your history, delete liked gaming videos and then reset the Youtube algorithm. Look up a guide if you're unsure how to do it. After this you just have to have discipline and start looking for new kind of content. If gaming videos pop up then click "not interested or "don't recommend this channel".

It took me about a month and then I had zero gaming videos in my feed. Occasionally some will show up but at this point they are so easy to disregard because watching games seems even more pointless than playing them. Now I only feel pity for the streamers because all I'm thinking of is how trapped they seem in their small neon lit rooms, being glued to a screen for 20 hours and only communicating with a meme riddled chat feed.

If you're drawn to e-sports then try to find other sports that might interest you. I discovered Formula 1 and it's been a blast to follow. 🙂

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18 hours ago, Wildermyth said:

only communicating with a meme riddled chat feed.

I have no idea how they do this. It gives me so much anxiety just looking at it.


My additional piece of advice is if you really can't handle YouTube overall, try a block. It has been working great for me, but that's also because YouTube in general was a problem for me. However, as @GrainSiloEnthusiast said, it's important to know the root of what draws you. It could simply be one of the last vestiges of the addiction. Or it could be something else entirely. 

If you can handle YouTube, then @Wildermyth is also right. A cleanse of the feed and algorithm will help a lot. You can also remove recommendations, autoplay, and there is even a plug-in (I forgot the name) where YouTube becomes basically a search engine. There are no videos, no recommendations... nothing. You just search for something and find results. I've tried it before. It does make the website less appealing and encourages you to get in and get out. I remember opening it one time and just staring at the blank screen thinking... okay what do I want to watch.... I have no idea. It made me realize how much of my choices on YouTube were determined for me. 

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