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  1. I like the way I feel when I succeed in staying away from unhealthy food, so I'm trying to make it a positive reinforcement. It's just those small moments of weakness you have from time to time when you're so vulnerable to quick solutions. I'm also bulking at the moment so I need to stay on a large diet which is even more challenging if I have to keep it healthy. Oh well, I'm happy I've managed to stay away from lots of other temptations at least, and mainly gaming of course. 🙂
  2. The one I can think of is Game-Anon which is a group that holds meetings every week for parents and spouses. Google it and you'll find their homepage. Other than that you are free to ask anyone here of course. There are plenty of people on this forum who are in your exact situation.🙂
  3. Feels like I have almost everything in my life now under control except my fondness for sweets and fast food. I can manage maybe 1 or 2 weeks tops and then my diet hits rock bottom again. I know it's the same mechanics as with gaming since I'm losing myself in that same old fashion. It's especially rough after a long day at work when I just want to reward myself instantly as I get home. I also like to eat certain stuff while doing passive activities such as watching movies and it's been hard to change this particular habit. Maybe if I stay away from movies for a while it might change. Compared to games though the threshold for eating various foods is extremely low so it ultimately comes down to raw willpower I guess. I think I might use a goal tracker for this one and see how it unfolds.
  4. Welcome! If you want to become a music producer maybe I can give you a few pointers. I'm still learning but I have plenty of things to share. 🙂
  5. That's a good tip! I'm gonna try and do a lot of fun tutorials this weekend to try and learn some new things. Thanks for the support!
  6. Feeling massive cravings for the first time since i quit gaming due to the launch of a sequel to one of my favourite games of all time. It's hard to stay completely away from it since it's so popular on social media, and also among friends. It's gonna be a real challenge to try to resist these urges...
  7. To add to my previous post I was asked by my friend today to help him to move a couple of furnitures. I had some loose plans for the day but nothing major. Previously, when playing games, this would irritate the hell out of me. How much game progress would I miss out on? What would happen next in the game that I now couldn't experience? How much time before I could get back into the gaming chair again? All of these thoughts I had back then really brought down my mood and increased my stress levels. Every small thing that came between me and gaming was a big deal. But now... I don't feel those anxious feelings anymore. Sure, I wasn't thrilled to lift furnitures on my day off, but it wasn't the end of the world like before. I could find joy in not being too stressed out about it and I wasn't brought down by my schedule suddenly changing. I am beginning to see more clearly how games limited my way of thinking and how they isolated me day after day. They controlled me and not the other way around. Thankfully that is slowly starting to change.
  8. I had to remind myself today of all the things I've accomplished since I quit gaming. There are so many stressful behaviours I don't experience anymore that previously caused me so much harm. It's easy to forget when your new life is starting to materialize and the old one is slowly fading out of existance. In order to remind myself of these things I'll list them here below: 1. I no longer have the compulsive behaviour of wanting to progress and finish every game I buy. This included every possible story-path, every class, all the achievements and so on. 2. I no longer feel any hype when watching upcoming games which makes me feel more at ease. Watching games now makes me feel more confidenct in my decision to quit. 3. I no longer spend all my cash on gaming and I even have a solid saving account at the moment. Currently I'm saving up for a new apartment and a drivers license. 4. I no longer spend as much time at home and I've experienced a lot of new places since I quit. I'm also exploring nature more which is great for my health. 5. I no longer feel stressed when meeting people and doing activities that don't include gaming. I can take my time to really enjoy hanging out with others. 6. I no longer structure my life around completing games and my reality is now more intuitive. This has caused me to wake up more energized and hopeful. 7. I no longer waste most of my time gaming which has made me discover a lot of new activities such as producing music and reading interesting books.
  9. Minecraft is a particular phenomenon. People his age usually follow a lot of popular Minecraft streamers which make them feel like they are part of a big community. They also attend big events like Minecon where the average age is like 10 years old. Minecraft is basically the digital version of Lego so no wonder it's addicting for so many kids. In the end it should be treated as any other activity where you have to set up boundries and explain the importance of moderation. Gaming is a real beast for sure and it shares many mechanics with gambling and can get out of hand fast. It sounds like it has already reached this point with this child and that's unfortunate. Stopping them from engaging with the game all together might spark a lot of anger and confusion. Maybe try to identify why they are so drawn to Minecraft in the first place? Are they trying to escape some hardships in real life? Are they especially drawn to the creative or social nature of the game? Trying to find substitutes for these factors might be a good way of phasing it out, in combination with moderating screen time of course.
  10. Absolutely normal. We all share this inner conflict with you so you don't have to feel alone. It will be easier with time, but you also have to put in the effort and try to engage with things outside of gaming. You clearly have the need to feel excitement from a hobby and thankfully there's plenty of those that don't include sitting alone in front of a screen all day.
  11. Summer is officially over in Sweden and now is when the real challenge begins. This is when it gets significantly darker, colder and more lonely as a result of everyone staying at home. I hope my ankle will heal soon so that I can get outside and do some nature stuff before the snow starts to fall. Otherwise I'm mainly taking it slow and mostly doing non-productive stuff outside of work. I've been to a lot of cafes lately where I've done lots of reading about mental health and ASD. It's really nice to change environment I've discovered; especially if it's a brand new one. I also do some music studio tutorials every now and then depending on my energy for the day. It's hard to manage your energy when you exercise and work a lot, and the gloomy weather doesn't really help. Hopefully this weekend will be a bit more exciting!
  12. FOMO culture is horrible and gaming loves to reinforce everything that makes you feel that you are constantly behind or missing out. It is one of the reasons why I found it easier to quit gaming in todays landscape. Combine this with predatory monetization and you have a situation that only really benefits the developer.
  13. Been thinking about the crazy "highs" I got from playing certain games, where I could hurry home and then feel the excitement rise within me. So far I haven't experienced any such feeling from another activity and maybe I'm not supposed to. My hope is that something else will make me feel the same over time but I'm also content with feeling happy on a more streamlined level no matter what I do. My brain however is used to getting these quick bursts of immense happiness and it feels like a loss in that regard. I know that eventually it will only feel like a win but I'm not really there as of now. My mind wanders around those "glorious" days of pure escapism.
  14. The issue, I've come to realize, is to start something up. When you manage that it usually takes very little to continue the activity. The brain has a good ability of resisting new challenges but when we're finally in them we also want to finish and gather something meaningful from them. At least that's my experience.
  15. Of course. Gaming has been your go-to activity for a long time and your brain has become dependant on it. You may rationalize your decision by way of logic but your emotions will not be swayed as easily. You know that you will benefit from excluding gaming but emotionally you are still very much drawn towards them. Having this conflict inside you causes a lot of stress and frustration and you are prone to losing control emotionally. All you can do is inform your closest ones on what you're going through and try to prepare for the moments where everything feels compromised. Give it time and it will heal and you will be better prepared for the challenges you are currently facing. Don't forget that you are the one in charge, not the games.