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Hey Fellow Game Quitters,

Today is day #1 for me on quitting gaming forever. If you read my introduction post you know what my goals are for the long term but for right now I purchased the Elite Respawn Program for doing the 90 day no gaming detox. I am currently on module 1 and I figured for doing the worksheets for each module I would post the answers and the questions on my daily journal so they are always around and I can go back in the future to see how much progress I have made. My goals are important yes but right now I do think it is more important to take things one step at a time and for me right now I am very overwhelmed. There is a lot of stuff in my life that needs to be accomplished. My wife and I are buried in a financial, physical, and health mess. Right now I am just going to most focus on the modules and getting through the 90 days at the same time as fixing some of these ongoing issues in my life along the way to make things less overwhelming. My main focus right now is the steps in the program and the goals will just automatically get accomplished along the way via small steps. For module 1 though today the questions from the worksheet were...

Why do you want to quit gaming?

I want to quit gaming because it will give me more time to bond with my son rather than pushing him aside to game, I will have more time and interest in wanting to spend time with my wife, it will ease the tension in my family and bring back the love we once had for each other and make my family whole again rather than gaming taking priority for 6hrs a day 7 days a week. I will be able to keep a job because I won't be wanting to race home to game as soon as I get to work so I will enjoy work days more than I did before which keeping a job will get my family our own place to live eventually and out of the financial and physical mess we have been in. My goal right now is to just get a job to support my family and get us closer to our goals but eventually I want to take that income and move to a completely different place into a new environment than what we have known our whole lives as well as find a job that I am passionate about while living there the rest of our lives but for now I just need a job to get by. Quitting gaming will allow me time to create a routine to go to the gym to eat and drink the right foods to become healthy again and to get my physical problems dealt with once and for all. Tuning out all the noisy entertainment and issues will also allow me to seek more into what I truly believe in and value and really nail down my religious beliefs and what that will look like. 

Why did you game?

I gamed because it was a sense of purpose and achievement since I never really knew and always had problems keeping jobs because I didn't have a purposeful career and always hopped around but gaming was always that purpose I couldn't find from real life so I would skip work as much as I could to game to get the sense of purpose. Gaming is what my Dad did so he just handed me a controller when I was 5 so it's what I grew up doing and it's the only thing I ever liked doing and did it all day every day so nothing else ever interested me. I was also extremely good at gaming because of my years of dedication and learning from the pros and it's where I found both my purpose and self worth. They were also social and a lot of fun compared to spending time with my son and wife. It's crazy that I would rather spend time gaming and had way more fun doing that than spending time with my wife or playing with my 4 month old son. I didn't like spending time with my family at all. It is like I was numb to enjoying it and couldn't wait to game again. 

What emotions are you feeling with just now quitting gaming?

I am feeling very anxious, worried, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, purposeless, hopeful, and excited. 

Well guys today is my first day out of many more to go. I hope many of you can be with my on my journey and I will make sure I will be with many of you as well. Let's do it one day and one step at a time. We got this!

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Great introductory post that shows a level of commitment and wanting to become a responsible husband, father and son. 

If you watch Cam’s video on his story, he enjoyed video games at the time of playing, and they meant more to him than just entertainment but it was not worth sacrificing his time and life for that experience. These are activities that bring down a man’s character and discipline.

When I think about how serious the situation has become due to negligence on the part of developers and consumers of these products, it is on the level of a diversionary operation. The UK had a serious mental health crisis during my university years and it was definitely connected to unhealthy entertainment.

Exploring one’s purpose is a great way to establish a mission. So I hope you find a great work that will help your community.

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It seems there are a lot of things you want to work on. I suggest focusing only on one thing right now which is probably focusing on the gaming(It seems your top priority from what I understand, correct me if I'm mistaken). It will require lots of willpower. So let the other things float. You may try to do them too, but not at the expense of your main objective. And don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything in order all together. Focus on your one top priority. Trying to accomplish everything all together is a recipe for frustration.

One more thing. My suggestion is to focus on consistency in your posts, I wouldn't make them even close to the length of this one first post. Maybe try a week of very short posts and once you see you're handling that, you can try longer. But remember consistency over length (That's also what Cam says).

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