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Hi everyone

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Well, it all started when I joined roblox two years ago.

At first, I could still manage my time spent on roblox, I had a healthy relationship with it. However, as I understood more and played more, it eventually became so uncontrollable and addictive that I spent 8 hours on gaming per day. I started to procrastinate on schoolwork, shut up myself from my family, have no communication with others, get scolded by teachers and parents, and was extremely lazy. Like all the other addicted gamers here, I know it's ruining my life, but every day when I woke up, it was always the first thing popping in my head. I just don't feel motivated to achieve realistic goals in my life. I'm just endlessly diving into that instant gratification every single day, all day long. And every night when I'm on my bed, I stare at the ceiling blankly and reflect on what have I done today. Well. Another day wasted. No matter how many motivational videos I've watched, how many limits I've set for myself, it had no use. The crave for that dopamine is too strong, and it's really difficult to find some other way to overcome it.

Today, I realized that I should stop. Tbh, I wanted to stop for thousands of times before and every time I deleted the software, I would just download it back and forget all about my determination. I hope this time I could finally stop, or at least stop for one week and see how it goes. So I joined here today, hoping I could get back onto the right track, before anything gets worse. I'm going to log my daily journals in here, and keep track on everything happening during this week. Good luck for me.

Activities(that I've thought of) to replace roblox:

1. learn to play a new piece/song

2. Go for a run under sunshine

3. Write something here

4. Youtube (learn sth i like)

5. better handwriting styles

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