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Staying Motivated to do Hobbies


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Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I've posted here. But over that time, I've settled into a much more healthy relationship with gaming compared to the me of 2019 (though it was kind of scary through the pandemic I won't lie). Though I do come back because of another issue that I have - and that is with my other hobbies that I used to do to replace gaming. Keyword being used.

These days, even when I want to do those hobbies because it's good for me or I like them, I just find it very difficult to put effort into doing them. I used to meditate everyday or be enthusiastic for sports but now instead of waking up at 5 for a daily run I'd rather stay in bed till 8 or something. 

It sucks for me because there's 3 hobbies I want to do to better myself: meditation to get more self-control; daily exercise routines to get fit; and language learning to learn Japanese - but for the past 3 months it feels like I've gone nowhere.

Any help guys?

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12 hours ago, NixAvernal said:

Any help guys?

Hello Nix is gaming taking up your time also these days or have you been abstaining?  I know I am the type that procrastinates things while gaming or not but far more when actively gaming.  So much more free time while abstaining it leaves no choice but to set time on other areas of life for sure though advice for zoning in on specific hobbies after that point I think set small achievable goals here and there not trying to accomplish too much at one time is key.

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If these symptoms persist over 14 days, it might be depression:

- depressed mood

- loss of interest

- feelings of guilt

- sleep problems

- concentration diminished

- appetite decreased

- suicide thoughts

- psychomotor agitation/retardation aka aimless movement around or little movement


not all symptoms have to be present but if a substantial amount is true, make a call with your local psychiatrist or in case of acute suicide thoughts your nearby clinic immediately

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