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board games vs video games are there differences?


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so, I am a big board gamer, but I have found I could compare my board gaming with how I video game i.e. I think about it a lot and I will work/ play them a lot. right now, I use the board Gamses as thing to do besides video gaming would you say that there is a difference between board gaming and video gaming? Should I try to stop doing board games so much. 

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If I could, I would play strategy boardgames almost everyday.  I own around 30 different games and a lot of expansions.

Boardgames aren't as harmful to me as video games, I believe. 1) because it's difficult to play too much without getting other people involved and 2) it's hard to get people involved (at least in my area) 😅 but seriously, cleaning up and setting things up in between games really gives one time to figure out whether they should call it quites then and there or not.  It's rare that I find myself regreting that I played too much.

I am a little more careful around games with single player variants and offers to play online/digital versions. Both of these feel like stepping stones to relapsing to me.  It's really the social and tactile elements, on top of the cerebral nature, of the experience that I try to appreciate.

One thing that I really need to watch for in this hobby is spending ($$$).  It's very easy to get sucked into a shopping spree, buying new games, expansions, promo content, fancy components, organizers, etc.  There's always that one person in your group that likes to really "pimp" his games.  😅  There's definitely a few games in everyone's collection that have only been played once or twice, if at all.

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