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I’m always focused on the wrong things in life.

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I’ve been focusing on the wrong things all the time in my life. I’m always worried about having fun, gaming, and friends. I’m 20 now and I literally missed college classes due to this. As soon as classes were about to start, I realized that I never got my financial aid or I never payed for them. But now it’s too late. The classes have waitlists and they have just begun. I’ve had fun all my life and now I can’t focus on doing things to keep me busy. Even my job, I’m barely focusing there and I’ve been on training for a while now. I keep worrying about not having friends or anyone to talk to which makes it hard to focus on work and school. Even my mom is getting tired of this. She’s been feeling upset and emotional because it really makes her sad to see me this way, and I don’t blame her. I can’t take this anymore either. What should I do to stop worrying about gaming, not having friends, and having fun, and start focusing on things that will benefit me in my life?

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