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  1. Hey there @CoolMan29! I have kids your age so I can relate to your concerns, especially in the social aspect. We all have a plan for our lives we were given before birth. Sometimes we find out and sometimes we don’t. There is a plan for your life, you are needed and you are loved! Friends will come and go, in my opinion, we are fortunate if we find 1 or 2 true friends in our lifetime that stay thru it all. Reach out fir resources that will help with your concerns and surround yourself if possible with people who love and support your willingness to reach out and get any type of help! This seems to be a great place to start…I just joined myself! My boyfriend has an addictive personality, so I wanted to reach out to see how I can hopefully help to be a support if/when he is ready. School might be a great place for you to make some new friends…try to find some friends who have other interests besides gaming that you might get yourself involved in! I’m always here as a listening ear if you need someone to reach out to. Also wondering if you’ve ever been tested for ADD? One of my kids has ADD and another ADHD. If so, there are meds to help with that to help you with staying on task and focusing! Keep your chin up and realize we ALL have struggles and journeys. It’s part of life and just because yours is different than somebody else’s doesn’t make you any more or any thing less than anyone else! Good luck to you!!!!