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Found 8 results

  1. I apologize for some typos and grammar issue because I write this post in paper and OCR software can make some mistake to jot down the words. Hi everyone you can call me Shiratori and I'm 16 years old. When I was a preschoolers, I'm just know myself from being a gifted kid when comes to arts. I always win in art competition in that time and my parents are always proud of me. In fact, I learn to draw first before I learn to read properly. In the moment that I turn grade one, my one of my relatives gave me a brand new tablet to play games. Since I got hooked in video games, my interest in art fades away. This moment is the time where my passion to arts are gone. Video games are very stimulating and my poor youth brain is being trapped in the virtual world that my progress is nothing. This chain of routine of going to sleep, wake up, video games, school, video games and sleep is what my life looks like since I start to play games at young age. I don't even realize that my art talent is now being perished. I play video games around 5 hours a day. My young self don't even care about it become of stimulant effect of video games My relatives are trying their best to limit my screentime but they failed because I'm having a violent reaction. This cycle of life is continuing till last month and now I'm trying to stop as I'm trying to revive my talent after a 12 years of abandoning if. When I start to go back in arts last week, my works are not good as what it looks like before because my video game addiction take away my time to improve my talent. Now, my art talent is now being awakened again by limiting my Video game time and by a consistent drawing practice. I just compute my time wasted in video games and if turns out that almost 1 year worth of hours from my life are wasted. These precious hours should be spent to improve my arts. Many art opportunities are wasted due to my video game addiction and now I regret it. I can't imagine that my art talent is wasted in my whole teenage era. I hope that listen to my parents to obey their screen time limit. I hope that I don't let a virtual world takes away my passion. I'm so sorry for my art talent that I wasted just to have a meaningless adventure from the screen's pixel. I feel guilty for wasting my talent and potential that a God is giving to me. I hope that I'm a professional artist today if I don't waste my life on video games. Such a regretful moment of my life. For parents reading this, please never buy your kid a gaming devices In a young age or their potential will be wasted.
  2. Monday: December 4, 2023 I'm still committed to putting less time in video games. IE: for example, 1-2 hours of video games on 2-3 days a week. I'm still not fully getting used to that role as I keep downloading games on my phone and playing them for longer than I should. I'm also still researching games and even listening to soundtracks though I don't really count listening to video game music as part of my addiction. Last week I made the decision to start Persona 5 Royal since it's a game I bought recently and have been looking forward to playing. I started it right after deciding to reduce my involvement playing video games and it works very well for this game especially since it encourages me to take my time with it and not rush it all the way through. Even though I'm bored while not playing them, I'm still looking to do other things that doesn't involve them as well as not watching tv all day. Honestly at this point in my life there isn't really a lot I can do to escape them since I don't have a job yet and I start college again next month. But each and every day there can always be something I can do to avoid feeling like video games is the only meaningful thing I can do with my life. Like tomorrow, I may finally start writing a letter to a great friend of mine. Or maybe finally looking into which audiobooks or podcasts I can listen to which would be fun. Stuff like this will definitely help keep my brain active and make video games something that doesn't need to be performed every day or every week for that matter.
  3. I'm Kombat749 [Gamer Tag]. First day. Aim: No relapse I had a doubt. Is this considered as an addiction? I started playing Assassin's Creed 1, was nervous while playing, hands and feet went cold. Worried. Uninstalled. Relapsed. To Assassin's Creed 2. Same story. Nightmares, cannot sleep. The reason I played AC was because I saw a friend playing it when I was 8. Today I am 14. Saw a few GMV music videos. Liked it. Ignored age warning, as I read reviews saying it was okay. I find AC to have a sort of class and loyalty, something which I always desired. My body has become autonomous. Every time, I get up from a chair, my hand flicks, as if to draw the hidden blade. If I sit still, scenes replay. When I sleep, scenes replay. It seems every bit of memory about AC is simply trying to find a way to enter the mainstream of my thoughts. Kindly let me know, if you have discovered any tricks to counter this. Thanks for the support.
  4. I have recently stopped my old journal, because I feel that I have nothing more to add to this kind of format. Gathering knowledge within the topic of fitness, health, self improvement and addiction was always something that fascinated me. And now, especially during my journey and time here at gamequitters, this became more and more advanced. Now, I want to start a new topic, where I start collecting all kinds of ideas, which I think are valuable. The reason I want to share this, is that first, I like to right it down somewhere. But if I only do it for me, I feel that it is kinda lost in nowhere. Sharing it might be valuable for me to learn new perspectives and it might also help other people to gather new ideas.
  5. I know what it is. Lying in a bed late night, scrolling down something useless, watching a video, then, out of blue a sudden urge strikes me like a lightning, I feverishly browse hot fat latino mommino and boom. I have a wank. But why are people determined about nofap? I heard it`s healthy in moderation and so on (I just do it regardless) but can participants of this challenge enlighten me of the downside of giving it a good ol rub?
  6. Hey guys, so I have been thinking a lot about self improvement recently. Since like a year or so I became very focussed on getting a very good grade for my bachelors degree. I have been planning a lot, I studied a lot and I also worked out a lot to achieve my fitness goals. But even though I have had great successes since then, I am not really sure if I am happier. Sometimes I even feel a little less happy than before because I am so focussed on achieving my goals that I find it hard to enjoy the small things in life like having a beer with a friend or something. I socialise a lot less in general because I want to get up early to study and in the evenings I usually work out. Has anyone else more experience with self improvement in the long run? I think I need to add that I am not depressed or anything but I am just not as happy as I want to be.
  7. Hi everyone, this is going to be my journal of the 90 days detox. It is going to be extremely bad at worst and sarcastic at best. Here's my day 1, which hasn't even started yet, because it's 2:34 am. Well, let's call it day 0. Day 0 Today I decided to quit gaming forever. It would seem a hopeless cause to many, but, even though I'm a pessimist, I can feel this try is going to be different. I know I can do it. And that is what I'm grateful for. My cat is making loud meowy noises and wants to scratch the window through the curtain. Gotta give her some love.
  8. Never in my life would I expect to find myself on a forum like this but. I guess life truly has no roadmap. I'd normally use an Alias but...seeing as how that usually ends up, I'll keep this personal and use my Real Name only and the names of those if permission if given and I apologize if it's hard to read. I tend awful when writing from the heart at times. With that out of the way, let me introduce myself. I'm Giancarlo. A Highschool Junior In the Big City who's trying to crawl his way out to freedom after realizing what gaming is doing, I started off on PS2 But slowly transitioned to other platforms and stuck as a multi-platformed gamer. I got into gaming at an early age since I lived in a bad neighborhood and my parents feared the worst. I was autistic and back then was often bullied and targeted...so I was kept in a small safe haven of the Nintendo Gamecube and PlayStation 2. The Nights of NSX and Simpsons Home And Run, happy memories of youth and killing time until My Uncle picked me up to visit my grandmother or playing against my cousins until dinner time! It was a time when gaming was that. A Simple game to kill time and then put down. But that's not where my story takes it dark turn. That happens sometime around middle school. This was when my hobby started to turn into the addiction it once was. It was when I was finally allowed to go online and interact with the world. This was the PS3 Era. When Bo1 and CoD MW2 Were the Games to have and own. I was this pudgy and F A T. Kid Growing up, so I was often bullied and left alone. at the time. My Parents finally decided to put the internet into the house for work purposes and by looking up videos online hooked my PS3 Online and Got a Headset from my cousin and soon I was on a fast track to talking and making friends. It felt...nice. Finally being able to hold an actual conversation with someone outside of my Special Ed Classes. Talking about common interests and having good laughs over the smallest and dumbest things...It helped my escape my brutal life in school. My Parents were naturally concerned but my father got into tech and supported it...from 5th Grade to 8th. It was Video Games Every Night and Day. Talking to the Same Peeps and finally feeling greatful. Then...I started to make them my priority. After All. It was just a simple algebra assignment. What's one little missing HW. Thing is. They tend to stack when you look at the long term. Little did I know the first stages were setting in. I became irritable when the internet was down, I stopped leaving the house and just scootering around in the park. I became a couch pillow and liked that way until high school started. I'll skip 9th and 10th Year as they were much of the same but worse...It nearly costed me to be held back and lose my position within my cohort. 11th Grade Year. I found what I thought was fucking impossible. A Girl who actually liked me...for me. I learned alot about putting up a front but...when I was with her. I didn't want to mask up and shield. I wanted to be a naked mind for her, just as she was for me but...gaming after so many years took its toll, I was socially recluse and often ghosted when we chatted on discord. Usually paying attention to a War Thunder Match or CS:GO Match, I was doing what had been done on to me...and little did I know at the time that I was hurting her. I let my internet persona take the lead and act like this giant Brochado, when she loved my sensitive and intelligent side that came and went in flashes. She eventually left me after I caused her "Stress" but we remain close friends. It wasn't until the last few months that I started to realize that I needed to lose the systems as I had bigger dreams. I found a school I wanted to go to (USNA!) but My grades after years of gaming, hold me back and after a heavy conversation with my Ex. I realized something... A Decade in my life was coming back to bite me with no punches pulled...My Safezone was really my Gas Chamber. I was poisoned and living in my own reality instead of being apart of the real world...the world with her, the world where we watched movies, the World where I left and explored New York City. I lived in a Virutal World. Devoid of Life. I need Help. I know what I want out of life...and I don't want to cross the Rubicon and become a shell... I want to fight this and finally be free.
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