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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. @LucyInTheSky I'm glad you're this enthusiastic about quitting and wish you success! About the uwu thing, I always fill my chat messages with a ton of xD's and lols. I don't even know why, I just randomly started using them at some point and still have to watch out for it all the time when I'm chatting. This is a positive vibe forum though, so I wish you use anything you'd like. Don't judge a book by its cover. XD
  2. I wish you luck and I want to say that I felt incredible anxiety and depression when I started university, and it lasted for something like 2 years... It was a horrible experience but a therapist and a less serious outlook on life helped me a lot. Also, from experience, cats can be great company in dark times. ? Now I've only got a gaming addiction to overcome. Never give up, you are on the right track!
  3. I just checked the start of your journal and then the end, and I must say, I feel something that can only be described as feeling proud for someone else. Carry on! ?
  4. Hi everyone, this is going to be my journal of the 90 days detox. It is going to be extremely bad at worst and sarcastic at best. Here's my day 1, which hasn't even started yet, because it's 2:34 am. Well, let's call it day 0. Day 0 Today I decided to quit gaming forever. It would seem a hopeless cause to many, but, even though I'm a pessimist, I can feel this try is going to be different. I know I can do it. And that is what I'm grateful for. My cat is making loud meowy noises and wants to scratch the window through the curtain. Gotta give her some love.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm a 22 years old guy from Hungary, and I've had enough. Enough of wasting ALL my time on gaming that doesn't benefit me neither short or long term (I know that gaming DOES have some benefits regarding brain activity, but I'm way past that). I've had enough of distancing myself from my family, my girlfriend, my cat (!) and my real life friends in favor of gaming all day and all night. I've had enough of not being up to par in my university studies, and I've sure as hell had enough of raging because of some stupid game. I basically gamed through my entire life, I remember having played Medal of Honor Underground back when I still went to kindergarten... jeez. I played all kinds of single player games and I loved those the most that had great storytelling. I also played Team Fortress 2 and CSGO competitively, always trying to be better, and wasting all my time in the process. I basically became one with my gaming avatar. (And I was still average at multiplayer games). Weirdly, the game I loved most, ever, was Undertale. I had so many latent ambitions and goals and dreams, but they were always suppressed by the urge to play some more. I neglected everything around me and felt shameful about it, even hated myself about it. Even hated the world about it, because it seemed so unfair. That some people achieve so much while I struggle to even stop playing for a day... Even worse, I love everything about video games, it sometimes is one of the greatest art form in my mind. Basically all the internet content I consume is about gaming or creating games. Still, it is time to change, and I will try to do a 180° and put my life in the right direction. If you managed to read through this, maybe leave a comment or something, and have a nice day! And if you haven't read this, have a nice day anyway. Or night.
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