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  1. (The first post to this journal is actually in the Introduction forum, under the same title.) So, I took a week off from gaming, ending last Wednesday, and seemed to find a little balance in my approach to electronic entertainment thereafter. That balance proved temporary, if not simply illusory, but I still think I learned something from it. It's not just the games themselves that keep pulling me back, but all the various expressions and apparatuses of game culture. I'm not on any kind of social media, except that I do have an account on YouTube that generates recommendations based
  2. I listen to ALOT of music. It helps me push through most days. I'm not running out but I'm happy for suggestions and for people to drop stuff here for others to listen to. I'll start(I won't use links as I know some people don't like clicking on links, you can just search them up 🙂 ) This music varies in Genre from Metal, Alternative Rock to Orchestral or Classical Instrumental and Anime theme songs. Post anything, I'll try to check all of them as I listen to just about anything. (I've deliberately avoided game soundtracks) Back For More - Five Finger Death Punch Get Lost, Find Y
  3. Hello, I am new to game quitters and this is my first time going through the respawn modules. Throughout high school and college I could get away with doing my school work and playing games in all of the free time that I had when I was done. I saw friends during classes or when they called me to hang out and I played games after homework was done. The problem with that is I was only gaming in my available free time and I never reached out to my friends. After college I found myself playing games for hours at a time after work since I had no homework and was not making any new friends.
  4. Today was day 4 of my 90 day detox. I'm probably not going to really return to gaming the way I did before with my 30 and then 60 day detoxes, which were just to reevaluate my relationship to gaming. I actually did learn to moderate, and all was well for a good long while. But I had a couple weeks of binging recently due to the loss of my first pregnancy, and that helped me get completely sick of video games and ready to "declutter" them from my life. They no longer *spark joy* haha. This time I'm just doing a detox to completely cleanse myself of anything that even resembles gaming
  5. FIRST DAY Good things I have finally tidied up room. That took me 3 bloody hours. Who knew my room could accomodate so much dust, Jesus. More than that, I accidentally found the missing part from my MOTTO Racing gear ? That hit me hard. A sudden wave of playing urge almost overwhelmed me but ya boi stays strong. EDIT. Watching video of other people quitting gaming (HOBEDAGA`s story) helped me. especially this guy. He`s a legend Spent time with my father. That was endearing really. We talked, played chess. Too bad I`ve wasted so much time digging my head in sand.
  6. Hi, I'm David Comeau, I'm 27 years old, I'm from Canada. I have been gaming since a very young age and I always had some issue with video game. I was born with a mental handicap, which touch my ability to express my-self and understanding other peoples, so I had a lot of trouble and anxiety with my social life. I was also diagnose with attention problem. So learning was very hard thing for me to do and I was always behind everyone else. When I start to game it now that create the bad habit to escape from the hard thing that is to learn. And I was isolating my-self because I was very shy.
  7. Hello everyone! I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. TF2, L4D, CSGO bring me sweet memories when my friends and I were having fun together, I have even dated some girl online. Of course, all of that was fickle so I can`t even play those games anymore because I know I would never have the same fun I used to. That puts me off returning to those games. Rancours? I don`t know, maybe The thing that made me do a first step is being fed up with toxicity and my dissatisfaction with gaming routine. I have always considered myself getting the short end of the stick de
  8. He has shown to be part of the squad. This video proves it. Check it out: Some thoughts: Many of you probably know the guy, his magnificent facial hair and (our) shared love for videogames, videogame OSTs to be precise. His videos pile up millions of views (and it wouldn't be strange if some of you have stopped watching them because of triggers, I did but it was more in an effort to stop browsing Youtube in general rather than gaming stuff in particular). I'm sharing this video with you guys, in this section, because many of us need that little push in order to